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latest 100+ shayari for love in english

shayari for love in english1

shayari for love is a feelings that transcend Time boundaries What betters Waay To Express The Profound Emotions it brings than through the Art of shayari Or poetry Join uS on a poetic Journi Through the enchanting world of love shayari Where Words weave Emotions Each verse resonates with the heart’s deepest sentiments. Whether you’re …

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30+ love romantic shayari in english [2023]

love romantic shayari in english,1

love romantic shayari in english, Tere pyaar ki roshni se sajti hai zindagi meri, Tu hi meri khwahish, tu hi meri ibadat. Dil se nikalti hai har dhadkan teri yaad, Tera saath ho, toh kya koi kami hai mujhko?   Tere ishq mein jee rahe hain, Teri khushbu mein kho rahe hain, Tujhse juda hoke …

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A 1 + shayari in bewafa Woh Bewafai Karte Rahe-shayari for bewafa

Bewafa Shayari, Woh Utna Hi Bewafa Hai

Shayari in bewafa Woh Bewafai Karte Rahe-shayari for bewafa Shahar Toh Bewafa Ho Nahi Sakta 1 Shayari on bewafa dost तेरे हर गम को अपना बना लेंगें काश की कुछ ऐसे भी सिलसिले हो जाए या तो हम मिट जाए या फिर ये फांसले मिट जाए। तेरी दुरी का अहेसास सताने लगा है तेरे साथ …

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English Shayari, English me Shayari,no1 best Shayari

English Shayari, English me Shayari,no1 best Shayari When there is life and there is no love when there are no eyes When someone is and is not close Weird Injury That Your Memories Do not think that I should be scattered   Close the eyelids, whenever you look in the heart, close the eyelids, whenever you …

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sad shayari ,Shayari for a tremendous pain

sad shayari,  for a tremendous pain Here we have published a huge collection of very very sad shayari in Hindi and is that the expression of your sorrows and grievances that each person experiences in their way of life. the simplest issue to precise your true unhappy feelings is to pay attention, recite, or share . nearly each writer …

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