sad shayari ,Shayari for a tremendous pain

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sad shayari,  for a tremendous pain

Here we have published a huge collection of very very sad shayari in Hindi and is that the expression of your sorrows

and grievances that each person experiences in their way of life. the simplest issue to precise your true unhappy feelings is to pay attention, recite, or share . nearly

each writer has narrated specific assortment of unhappy poetries that you just will keep company after you feel depress. unhappy moments occur and leave

sad shayari

in life and it depends on the United States of America that however we have a tendency to handle our unhappy things. Some folks

interact their self darkly and loneliness to beat their disappointment and a few folks notice comfort in 

sad shayari , for a tremendous 

sad shayari ,Shayari for a tremendous pain sad shayari in english
sad shayari,  for a tremendous pain

Dastan-e-Gham, listen to me ..,
The sky also cried,
Do not bother you till the angle
E-Bhabha sometimes remembered by us …
in English sad shayari On the way that I have left
Which never ends
At that time if you stopped
… would have stopped once
Come today even those dreams
Whenever I accidentally, I sleep
Makes me feel my faceDoes not have a heart
Want to cry
But not the heart
Many hearts are hurt by this heart
Now there is no pain in heart

♥Now we have learned to play with pain,

Now we have learned to live with web fee,
Tell me, how much my heart is broken,
Now we have learned to sleep by wearing a shroud before death.

This story changed and changed this story,
Now I just have old memories of them,
Do not apply ointment to my wound
Because I have only this remaining sign of theirs.

Keep close trust nothing in life
Keep close trust nothing in life
. Then. Will. Quit. Moved and not even told

Do not seek humans, even know in your life
Chalepar koi kholo also loved
A little uncounted

Slowly. Slowly.
And we have hurt so much in this love
That we would be unfaithful and innocent

They talk about love,
But they do not realize the pain of love,
Love is the moon that is visible to everyone,
But it is not enough for everyone to get it.

Time does not hurt so much,
As much as anyone changes, it hurts.

Do not shed tears in everything,
Do not say everything to everyone from the heart,
This is a city of salt,
So wounds don’t show everyone here

sad Shayari

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