English Shayari, english me shayarino1 best shayari

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English Shayari, English me shayarino1 best Shayari

When there is life and there is no love when there are no eyes

When someone is and is not close

Weird Injury That Your Memories

Do not think that I should be scattered

How can we be someone else except you
You have told yourself that someone else like you did

English Shayari, English me shayarino1 best Shayari

I like to be ignorant knowing
They like to bother themselves
I continued to do my love affair
I like listening to you again and again

You will only know by my name.
Then treat her as a fox or a defame

In such a way that the fakir gave the example of life
Washed in the fist and bounced in the air

Do not necessarily have love in the neighborhood
I have seen Ishq’s flute in spasms too

I still believe this
You are near the heart, whether it is in the distance

Whose face is always smiledThose people are very crying in life

Mohabbat ke Liye hain when heart meets heart
Muskil is that the heart meets hard

My ambition is also something weird
He hates me
Do not love anyone else

When you miss, you do not have eyes.But it’s a heartbeat

You hate Carlo according to your
We will still calculate the Mohabbat Bay

We are sad every day and the night passes
One night will be sad and we will go away

It is true that no one dies for anyone
But there is a truth that someone has won a death for anyone

Shane done tell life of your throat
You have to complain

Do not think of this as we separated from your memories
Just do not talk to you for your happiness
hum se koi Gila ho Jaye to sorry
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