Happy Teddy Day ,happy teddy day image teddy day shayari

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Happy Teddy Day

I’m sending teddy to love with you.
If you love me then send me a teddy love
Tears in my eyes is not just some moisture
Reason why you are not lacking
Soha has become expensive dear, Sahir
If allowed, then cross the border
One you our us we
Come together if we
Toah 2-3 – Will Be Piyare Pyari
Your memory is exactly

happy teddy day wishes quotes

like my parfume
Whenever it comes, it comes to life.
My suggestion should be supported by your name
Have understood or need some more
Love or else do loveMobile juror gives silent
Boys who are true to heart
She is always alone
Life is said in my ears right now

Happy Teddy Day , happy teddy day image teddy day Shayari

Meeting those relationships without spending any money
One you love me second
These two words are my world
I had a lot of good luck, I left my happiness too.
Get out of the depression this night, our heart condition

When you miss them, these darks become even deeper
I still want to know me
Stubborn is he
If you used to laugh even in the sham
Why am I crying unnecessarily today
My palms have been standing for years
Then why did I start feeling lost in
I am in his denial of this feeling
Rushava makes me every time I am in a very big mahfil
Yes, the whole world is upset with me but
I know, still love me
He says that if he will be fortunateSo we will find them
We ask them if we were unfortunate

How can they live without them
Now it does not make any difference if you want
We saw very close to Q
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