sad shayari,05new vest 2020 -shayari very Now the heart

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sad shayari,05new vest 2020 -shayari very Now the heart

❤ .Top Sad Shayari, ❤
Now the heart refuses to do the Maafa,
now the heart is scared in the name of
Ishq, now there is no need of any comfort,
because now every heart is filled with comfort.


Hole Someone remembers,
Someone smells my every breath,
Thanking that stranger every moment,
Who teaches love to this unseen.


It is not possible to live without you now,
It is not easy to settle anyone else in this heart anymore,
I would have left everything to you since then,
But you have never called me from my heart.

The floor was also his, the way was also his,
I was the only one, the other convoy was also his,
It was his idea to walk together,
And later it was his decision to change the way.

Shayari very sad

  sad Shayari,05new vest 2019

Seeing the pain, he called us,
who died on whom he called use used to live in their memories, we used to live in their memories, but they only mixed poison in memories

 We will learn to live as well as death. We will learn to live even death. Mercury will also burn her at that time. She will love you, we will go to the world, we love you from the world, the day we go,

 Love fate is bad, love is bad, love is bad, child is attached to July, it’s time to get a love book, love story of every loved one is incomplete

Do not want to smile or live smiling
You do not want to live in the morning, write in the car, remembering that you just want to come back to you.

 Can never forget your face; never forget your face; you can not even suppress your memories; eyes will lose my life but no one else can like it in heart

 Do not stop the pain of that, then there is a punishment, people have waited for someone to wait. If it is a sign on Wanaka, then if you do anybody’s love then Nisha is a friend of your love, Amit says

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