sad love shayari,heart touching quotes,new-Mohabbat6sad shayari 

sad love shayari,heart touching quotes,new-Mohabbat

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sad love shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Mohabbat

 💔 Sad Shayari, 💔

Thought we would torment them,They will burn them by taking someone else’s name,Then I thought I would have pain in torturing them,Then how can we persecute them.

💦 .Sad Love Shayari, 💦

If it is day, it will be night also


Do not be sad, he will also talk to you some time.


That love is so cute,


If there is life, we will also meet.

😞 Very-Sad Shayari. 😞

She separated from these distances,
Don’t know why this love is incomplete
Now what happens if we kiss you
At least all his wishes were fulfilled.

sad love Shayari, heart touching quotes, new

sad love shayari,heart touching quotes,new
sad love Shayari, heart touching quotes, new

The thing is beautiful-that which touches the touch,
otherwise, there are thousands of things.

Therefore, some-like lions-when they heard-then
they fixed their ears-from the ears to the heart.

I had a night-time where talk was stopped
I have stopped till now
– Frozen realization

Ishak-nazuk-mujaz is extremely
Can not bear the burden of the mind

How to hide from your face-which is obvious
How do you look at your wishes

These jaws are also seen-the views of the date
Moments had been punished for centuries

Never mind
Somewhere far away

You see yourself in the mirror
And they also see no one can see

Leaf Boota Buta Hall is ours
Do not let go of it, do not let the garden go all the way

What is the matter to the conscious people?
Ishq ki-re-understand what is life

What is their duty-know that Ahl-e-Siyasat
My Pagham Mohabbat is as far as I get

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sad love shayari,heart touching quotes,new-Mohabbat

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