very love shayari in english -for girlfriend ,sad shayari

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very love shayari in english -for girlfriend ,sad shayari

Where is your leisure
My bang is sad
Teri Fursaton Ko Khabar Kahan
Meri Dhadkane Sad Hain
Gajal Ke Roop Mein Dhal Jaoon Kaash Mai Bhee Kabhee
Sad Lamhon Mein Shaayad Tum Mujhe Gunagunaaya Karo
Mainne Logon Se Mutaasir Hona Chhod Diya
Kyonki Log Wo Naheen Hote Jo Najar Aatey Hain
Aajkal Log Vafadar Kam
Aur adaakaar zeyaadah ho gaye hain
Na Dil Hota Na Rota Dil Dil Koi Juda Hota
Na Tum Itni Haseen Hoti Na Dil Tujh Par Fida Hota

Udaas Nagri Me Kadam Rakha To Ye Jane Maine
Gamon Ki Mahfilen Kamaal Sajti Hain
Taghaful Inki Adat Hai Tasabul Inki Fitrat Hai
De Rahe Hai Wo Mere Pyar Ka Jawab Ahista Ahista
Mera Junoon Meri Diwanigi Meri Inteha Ho Tum
Tumhe Bhala Kaise Samjhaye Mere Liye Kya Ho Tum

very love shayari in english -for girlfriend ,sad shayari

very love shayari in English for girlfriend, sad shayari
very love shayari in english -for girlfriend ,sad shayari

You will not find love or more love in any corner of the universe
From what should the earth be transformed into a small cafe
From where you have fallen in love
I know of his addiction to the eater, you do not return
No way you can reach it

Because you do not want to come anyway how anyone
Sitting in corner place it is my habit outside
The street is clearly proven to clear the faces of the visitors
Literally, I can read life on their face from day today


I do not have any issues
But in those faces I find your face
People can not leave the habit of sitting in the faces of
I feel like reading a man sitting in front of me
Someone is persuading someone to convince someone
It seems to all that you are suddenly like this

Inside the front bed, you can talk now and go crazy
You sit here till now I have ever since
The phone is waiting for you at the crossroads
If you do not handle it, then what happens if notYours and I will keep quiet behind you.

To remove my focus, I think about society
I feel like doing something against society’s evils

 Shayari in English for girlfriend, sad

very love

very love shayari in english for girlfriend ,sad shayari3
very love Shayari in English -for girlfriend, sad shayari

I feel like planning and your love sometimes
Weakens me that I own something, even him
Not waiting for you to wait for me
Is one of the challenges and instead of fighting against the drug addictionsad shayari

I have made you mentioned in my thoughts
I had passed from home to me and touched you
The winds will tell me the news and the Happy Movie
Ending is like life, life is waiting here.
It does not happen, it ends, with the end of life

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