love poems for her,love poem for girlfriend,cute poems for her,2022

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love poems for her,love poem for girlfriend,cute poems for her,2022
love poem -in this post some excellent
love poetry written by various young poets
is presented – Poems on Love-love poem for girlfriend-
love poetry
Sad Love Poem heart touching
love poem for boyfriend-heart touching love poem  for wife
-heart touching love poem for her –
love poem  for husband -beautiful Love Poem
Valentine Day love poem trending love poem
love poem not for him-love poems for her,Relationship Tips for Women

love poems for her,love poem for girlfriend

You are my world.
You have not become like the world, I
just ask
you not to be like the world. It’s been an evening for
me , I just ask you that you don’t get
sloppy because I have stopped looking ahead of you,
it’s up to you, whatever I have now,
I have given up walking even without you .love poems for her,

Wherever this journey is with you,
I have not loved you wherever you are, man, why should you not be
for love, then it ‘s only you, for the story of it,
I really don’t like anything without you nowadays .
See also, the only one I see is your poems for her,

pyaar ki kavita

Oh listen you are very special for me. ,
Oh listen, tell me one thing
, you are not very special for me,
without you my life is less tea like water, like
I know I irritate you a lot
, but to tell the truth,
I consider you my own , I trust you

No matter what I do, wherever I am, whatever
happens with me, good or bad, you
are the first thing that comes to my mind
and I like to tell you,
I just know that some relationships are very deep,
and Its depth is not measured by name or tag,
you do not know but for me you are at the top
and always will be… poems for her,

romantic poems for her 2022

Many days have passed, now I remember….

Many days have passed, now remember me
and how long will you be angry like this
, the punishment for my mistake
will be so big, I never imagined that I
started missing you by staying away from you , I have
no intention to heart you
. I get a little angry because of this, a little positive,
I believe , give me
some time, I will be fine, I
just forgive my mistakes,
many days have passed, now
listen to your sweet voice
, now talk to yourself I started
thinking that you are in front , I scold
you for your actions,
I also fund myself for my own poems for her,

Kavita On Love | poetry on love

How do I write a short poem about someone?

Baatee untiha mohabbat ki …love poems for her,
We used to love
each other and had promised to support each other for life
, why did we turn that unfathomable love into hate So two bodies were one life,
so how did this life become different today,
we had promised that no one will come between us,
so how can anyone else in my place today….
When we used to meet, that smile in our face,
that sweet smile on your lips ,
the love for me in your shining eyes has changed everything today,
neither is that sweet smile on your lips,
nor is there love for me in your eyes We used to love endlessly and not with each other
How that unbelievable love turned into hate todaylove poems for her,

When only I wanted to be yours …….

When only I wanted to be yours , I
made every effort to make you my own I was tired of waiting for you,
I was completely broken now I
could not get away even after being away from you I didn’t want to be away from you

love poemslove poems for her,

How long is a short poem?

How has the situation changed with the passage of time?

How many conditions have changed with time,
how close we were to each other till yesterday
and how far we have become today
, till yesterday we could not live without each other
and do not want to live today. How much has
changed with
the times Changed I wish we could start our love again,
I wish we could go back to our old times, I could start a new love again,
I wish I could hug once and apologize ,
forget my mistakes and promise to be together for life could do

I wish we could start our love again

There is a different place for you in my
heart . I will not give you the way I have handled in every bad time,
wherever I go, you stay with me all the time ,
no matter how important the work is to you I think a thousand times to tell you,
but till today I have never hesitated to tell you,
our friendship should always remain like this.

heart touching love poem for boyfriend

I will be yours forever… poems for her,
From the first sight you have settled in this heart, do
n’t know what you have done to this heart, there is
some magic in these eyes,
since you have seen this heart, this heart has become yours,
a glimpse Because of you makes my day, I can’t see you, the day becomes
incomplete What a wonderful moment when you expressed it to you,
that day itself was unmatchable, you will express it began to cut

The pains that were old have been lost
where did you come in my life
, we have lost my life
or not, I can not say whether I will be there , but I will
remain my life till the last moment,
I cannot change the facts.
Where do I go while talking
, I smile without thinking about you, I
often say this, I love
you but when you say that I don’t forget the
world The rate seems to be
far away from you, you feel as close as you can,
now how can I tell you how special you are, you are
not mine, you are my lifelove poems for her,

romantic poetry,a love poem for her

You are so special… poems for her,
Listen why are you so special
why my steps want to know your way, why my dreams want to be with you in
my time .
What is the matter in you that you are so famous in me that I do not care about any paradise
like this sari heaven itself comes with you handjob

It is said that there are thousands of talks of the day,
but I like to talk to
you, how special you are for me, how much should I tell
you, just understand that my whole world is closed in you,
never know the condition of my heart, you
just stay close, hold my hands Tu
kyuki yaar tere bin na koi din koi koi
hailove poems for her,

Best Short Love poetry

If we are far then what happened…..the
distance will tell a little about the ability of our love,
our yearning will tell us much luck
even after being so far away from each other,
you will not let go so easily,
even if we meet you will stay away but one Will meet each other,
will laugh a little, will fight a little,
will fight , but will never be away from each other;
Distance often creates a wrong fame in two hearts ;
And those battles are resolved, not entangled,
this journey is not easy but the destination is beautiful.
And you have to reach every destination with those who have started.

Listen, promise that you will not turn away before reaching the destination
, you are the reason for the smile on this face, you are
the reason for making life happy ,
you do not even know that if you step back
, what will you take apart from your body
when two hearts join So a lot is added,
not only the heart, I am this and will always be
just to play with you. ,love poems for her,

deep love poems for her,sweet love poems for her

There is a boy who knows me more than me….
The things that I cannot explain to myself, I
understand them too, there is
a boy who knows me more than me
, so questions arise
on everything, but the answer to my every question becomes like a
fear, I do not know what it is.
It is filled with so much
emotion, it gives a new perspective to look at my eyes, it is
like a way for my destination, I am not worried, but
know why the heart cares for him, there is
a boy who knows me more than me
. If I don’t talk, it’s irritating, if I do, I ‘m
angry, then I celebrate, sometimes it hurts
unnecessarily .love poems for her,

So in turn tells me simple stories when I
laugh at
me It happens that
the answer to my every question is sometimes found with talk
and sometimes with silence. Some become like my home,
some remain with me, there is a boy who knows me more than me

love poem for husband

Don’t take tension… poems for her,
listen don’t take so much tension
when you are worried, you keep on overthinking
about something or the other, tell the
truth, tell the truth, what will happen, will anything happen, will you
get a solution, things will be fine,
nothing will happen. On the contrary, mental health will deteriorate
, fix what is in your hands,
nothing will happen by thinking about what is not
, leave it on time, leave it to God, he will fix everything , do not bother yourself by
overthinking unnecessarily Man,
we spend a lot of time thinking about such things,
they do not exist,
we can only pre pair ourselves for the things to come and nothing else

love poem for wife,love poems for my wife

You have changed completely…..
meeting him, you have not changed completely, maybe
you did not even realize what would happen, it would have
remained the same tight all the time, in your mind, you
would not have paid attention to this matter yourself
, now it is just the same You keep watching the last scene of it, it
seems that you have become used to it,
apart from that, your heart does not seem to be anywhere, you have fallen
in love with him
who always waits for him , you
have never seen such restless
From the message that morning is yours and
you do not even know about this condition of yours at night, in the same thoughts, this clock stops
nowadays if you do not talk to you, then where can you talk to yourself?

Your name is also clearly visible on your face, you
live beyond your comprehension these days,
but you understand his words completely,
man have you never seen you so happy
, there must be some reason because you are so happy
in vain. No
, even in the night there is no need to
see you, whether you are in love or not,
you are not in love with him. ,love poems for her,

trending love poems

What is the meaning of I love you…
What is the meaning of I love you?
I love you does not mean only this,
we felt that love has happened with someone,
then said I love you
not I love you, it means that
a person is as good as he wants,
no matter what color it is. No
matter how nature is,
you accept it the way
it is,
it means that today I will be with you tomorrow,
I will not leave your hand
even in the worst of times,
if you break, I will take care of you if my health deteriorates,
every moment around you I will be around you ,
even after being your weakness,
I will not take wrong advantage of you ,
even if I will fight, not with each other

I will fight for each other,
if you have given commitment, then only you
want to have a simple life
, all this means I love youlove poems for her,

very hart touching love poem

When you feel very bad …..
know that you feel very bad then
when you are going through a lot of troubles,
the person who matters the most for you does
not ask you even once
, how are you,
what is the reason that is causing so much trouble It is happening
that he does not have the slightest emotional support, he
loves to speak and say, we
do not know why people fail, in the beginning, in the
beginning of the relationship, they talk big things that
we will always play together and understand us
when the time comes. We do not even stand together
and start blaming us for things
as if we are the biggest fan,
it feels very bad when no one understands even after giving
100 percent approval , then you feel poems for her,

ou always just keep smiling……
listen, don’t you always keep smiling
, don’t know why but it is
a pleasure to see you smile, no matter how the day is going,
it seems that just a smile
makes you feel very good.
Seeing smiling, I also forget that
what was bothering me, I talked about tension
and the truth is, you
look very beautiful with a smile, it
means that the day becomes, seeing you,
you are the one who only cares about your life.
Smile can hurt people
like I am injured for you Wounded
in your friendship In every relationship apart from you
I love you so much, my love ,
keep smiling poems for her,

love poems by famous poets

What kind of relationship is this ours….
Neither we are able to walk together,
nor are we able to get away, nor are we
able to leave dreams, nor are we
able to change in reality
, despite everything, it
seems empty between us, do
n’t know why this road is our
split. It seems that
both of them are completely opposite to each other,
nothing is similar between you,
we want something else, there is something else, do
n’t know where this life is taking us,
I want to tell you a lot but I
can not say poems for her,

The one who left ,
Those who have ever left together with excuses,
sometimes they said that I had sorrow, Khan was with me
in the crowd of people,
mean people often go from heart to soul and say that I was very special to you,
they leave by cheating. People often say that you were my true love,
I have learned not to trust, now whatever it was, it was just a show of it.

best love poetry lines

I am getting the punishment of love…..
now I am getting the punishment of
love . He does not care about the people,
I am making him ashes, I am explaining this to you ,
I am just a joke for a few moments,
nothing is there, I am showing you the scene of my death too

My life… poems for her,
what should I praise
, he is the moon of the sky
, for whom I write,
he is no one else, my life is in
every story, it is his name on my tongue all the time,
this heart holds only for
him Wishing is my job, it is
a bit fake, it is
not just a girl, she is the whole world,
seeing her happy makes my whole day
very sweet, her smile
, those dimples on her cheeks, only
my life is
her sweet voice .
Listening, keep listening,
how sweet it is in her speech,
she just kept talking and I don’t say anything,
her intoxicating eyes
, in which the heart wants to lose
and her most beautiful
She looks like a little mole, it is
not just a mole
, it is just a sight that
the Lord himself has planted,
he must have thought how beautiful it is that he cannot be seen, that’s
why he never
boasts about his beauty.
She has a very clean heart, she doesn’t do anything without asking me ,
despite being so special, she dies on a common boy, I am very lucky that she loves me

love poetry shayari 

We have been joined by that Lord.
I wanted to get you
and you got it,
what took a lot of turn My luck turned
my days of sadness into happiness I
a journey I can’t believe that you are mine and you are not the news of this world
, we are so lost in your love, you have found me,
all my dreams have come true May Rahu make you laugh so much happiness ,
there is no room left for sorrow in your life,
we are so happy with each other

Look what a lovely couple everyone says
and says, why didn’t
the Lord have made us for each other,
even after lakhs of efforts, we could not meet
, we have been mixed by that poems for her,

love poems by famous indian poets

If I
say this
to you, I can’t live without me, then I’m yours
on this one, I’m the owner of
your pride, the kind of name that I have,
but by swearing even one name, then I’m yours.
You play the game on your head as you wish ,
if I win then you are mine, if I lose, I am your face,
your believer , your believer is your own ,
not one of me in the world,
when yours is yours,
then I will take your decision to be yours I leave it on my fate
is to get
itlove poems for her,

love poems for her from the heart,poetry on love

How can
I forget you ……
.. Sometimes I think that those moments that we have spent together,
the world wanted to forget you said I love you but never fulfilled it,
I was the only one who believed in that thing ,
you just in the name of love I was passing the time ,
I tried everything to save this relationship,
how easy it was to play with your feelings,
but I don’t complain about you ,
it was my fault, I never knew your intentions

Sometimes I used to feel all this that
all this time is just for you
but what would I do, my heart could
never accept this thinglove poems for her,

Poetry on love Life,short love poems for her

yes that is you….
Yes it is you whose message
starts in the morning as soon as I wake up yes you are the one who brings a smile
on this sad face yes it is you who laughs at night I know yes it is you who does not exist It hurts a lot here
yes it is you who is a reason to write today which habit is one reason for me yes it is you whom I tell
my friends every moment yes it is you whom I care more than myself
yes It is you who gives comfort even in pain, yes it is you whom the world says

love poems for her

Someone can be so good… I
did what I got you what
I saw How can I leave everyone,
but how can I find someone so good ,
I am not even of your type, I am not as interesting as you ,
yet I chose you from among so many people,
I am not sure about your luck If I have found my mind,
I should tell the whole world screaming, but maybe I do not deserve so much,
but after finding you,
it seems that yes you probably had to meet that’s whylove poems for her,

Luck did not let me stop on anyone else
, you have become the first reason for my happiness
, thank you for coming to my life,
by talking to you, I feel that I am
someone who waits for me,
I did not even think that someone like you something
good can happen to melove poems for her,

beautiful love poem

When you do not talk to
you …… I just talked to you a few days ago listening to the call recording ,
I can’t even tell by talking to you how I felt,
even though it was 5 minutes 36 seconds,
but I loved your swearing man very much from your streets.
After that, only to see you,
once again in these eyes only to imprison you,
now do not these eyes live even a moment without seeing you

This boy is mad for
you and you don’t understand so much

Valentine Day Poetry 

is very
simple … . _ _ Tell me no,
even if not, tell me why hate has been suppressed inside ,
if you like someone’s company, then say no, even if not,
tell me why you have kept someone in such a deception,
if you have time, then if it is not It is not why someone has been entangled in things,
this life is very simple man,
I do not know why it has been kept so poems for her,

When you do not talk….. when you do not talk,
nothing feels good, I feel like
the day is incomplete, I do not feel like talking to
anyone else I just wait for you when your message arrives I can say things ,
there is a restlessness,
there is a fear of your coming and there is also a fear that you are not angry with me until you talk to me,
I study alone , I do n’t know how many times I fight with my friends. But how insecure do I fill?

Whether I call you on your refusal
notlove poems for her,

Sad Love Poem cute poems for her

Just had to say this to you………
Look, I will not say much to turn around
because anyway you do not understand, you like
it because you are good, there
are many reasons that make you so special,
listening to your words, I can pass day and night I am
your laughter, seeing which I can erase my pain,
your anger is also yours, then that too looks lovely, your eyes just feel like drowning in
them , you do not know,
but you should know that there is someone who makes you happy I am happy to be,
that’s why don’t be sad, you should keep on laughing ,
I want to be that song,
listening to which you want to get lost in a different world,
I want to be that friend

To whom you tell sari stories of your life,
I have never told you like you probably
because of the fear of losing you,
because you are good, that was all I had to
say to youlove poems for her,

Love Story Poetry | Love Story Poem

dear love …..
dear love_ _ _ When you talk to the wind like this ,
they are not tied like this,
don’t you understand what I am trying to tell you Listen,
I feel like listening, you talk a lot, but you like it very much ,
then I keep listening,
such friends also keep saying what has happened to you nowadays .

The boy who never used to get tired of speaking
has become so silent nowadays,
what should I do man, I have this heart
but it is yourslove poems for her,

Love Poetry for special one’s Poetry For Him

you ever
thought that…… .
But sometimes holding the heart with a smile,
sometimes holding the heart with a smile ,
sometimes being lost in friendship even in Huju,
sometimes thinking of yourself as a whole gathering in loneliness,
just keep staring at his name on mobile ,
match any number then call him. Sometimes when the tone of the message is silent,
in a moment of silence,
then suddenly the thought of it comes to your feet;
Sometimes you asked what is the love of love .
Tell the time, what is the punishment of love for crimelove poems for her,

Listen, I do
not know love, I do not know love
, I like you very much
but I do not know how to tell you,
I will send you song videos so
that you can understand my feelings by seeing
them and I will put strange stories that you know
. Seeing him, reply something,
if I have sent a message to you
, then understand that I must have sent it after typing a lot,
I do not remember anyone as
much as I have remembered you till now , I may forget
to like your saree photo but my heart I will not forget to imprison you

first love poem love poem 

( love poem ) We will find you better than you…..

How will we
be able to live without it and we will die after
separating from you, if you think so, then this is your wrong fame
because after you leave we will find better than you.
Someone who knows how to persuade me when I am upset
and knows how to love like me,
this time we will love someone like thislove poems for her,

Someone who supports me on every peacock,
I will falter, sometimes I will give a hand before I fall, will
forget your deception in front of his love,
after you are gone, we will find you better than you.
Someone who wants my face as soon as I come home,
I want to have a guard on my face,
we will fight the most for the sake of such a thing.
After you are gone, we will find you better than you.

The one who will go with me to the destination regardless of the path,
this time my hand will go in the hands of such a boy, this time
we will go beyond limits in his love,
after you leave we will find better than you.
How will we
be able to live without it and we will die after
separating from you, if you think so, then this is your wrong fame
because after you leave we will find better than you.

shayari love romantic poetry

To whom should I show my wounds ? …
to whom should I show my wounds
, embrace my kise, now
there is no one to listen to,
whom should I show my pain, now
earlier I used to understand me
but now I don’t want to hear anything, I do
n’t know why I
can’t understand my own today

Remembering the person with whom you were entangled, remembering the
stories of love, you
have moved ahead in life, then you have
left yourself behind with otherslove poems for her,

May God be happy but you don’t seem happy, nowadays
these new relationships don’t last now
and they have sold a lot of sorrow,
this pain remains to be contained in this gathering, there is a lot of sorrow
: Have to see whether there is yet to
see his marriage in poems for her,

Lies were swamped which went heavy on my truth,
I felt like you
were slapped on my cheeks, do
n’t know how love
seems to be dead againlove poems for her,

romantic poetry sweet poems for her

It has often happened that
those who give to all have
been lost, they laugh with great gusto,
who considers love to be a joke,
the true lover often cries.

They were delicate relationships that were
burnt by what was not taken care of by us,
we who have not yet blistered,
we are the one whom we have never even removed a rose from his book as
far as it was thrown poems for her,

The one who used to make me blossom after seeing me,
now I die seeing
my existence inside myself,
how can I tell that I was unfaithful to him, I did not think that
this thing happened, there was no conspiracy, did
not help to keep you on hold, I
have not fallen in love with you I didn’t say thatlove poems for her,

Now I don’t care if no one
stays with me, koi give or support me,
no one tells
me, now I really don’t care.
ab does not run barefoot on the phone
, now does not give importance to anyone in life, someone can
break my heart,
now I do not feel the excitement
of people, which makes me sad when they break,
now I do not bring anyone so close that I stayed
with him when he went away I do n’t
really care poems for her,

love poem for girlfriend boyfriend

I am innocent, there is a heat in my words , I know
why my eyes remain clean,
prevents me from taking decisions in my favor,
I have an enemy inside melove poems for her,

A boat wanted the edge of the river, this heart
needed the support of your love Looks like it doesn’t feel like this again.
If you do not want to talk, then excuse some such excuse

I would have brought the universe on the palm,
if you spoke once, it is the right need to
leave it on me, whatever way I bring the moon,
sad girl, tell me so much you need, I have
heard that time is the ointment that heals the wounds,
then what will happen to us who We have a habit of wounds,
listen this is the destination, Happy you destination,
we have to go back then we have a habit of paths.
Listen, those who wake up, have less sleep,
you will have a habit of eating,
our friends, enemies, the group of most people gathers,
we are good and bad, we have a habit of people, whether we are
praying or abusing, we get equal enjoyment,
they are sweet. Or be it, we have a habit of words,
you will
have to make us feel comfortable, we have a habit of chasmos.
Look at these eyes,
this is the only thing
in the
eyeslove poems for her,

love poetry on husband,short poems for her

When someone is lost in love, there is a
broken star , if you
start getting forgiveness in the syrup, then you will have it
again . The wound will be edge,
I pierced you, you must have passed the poems for her,

There will be a star of love in his eyes,
one day that person will be ours,
life will not be included in my name, but it
is certain that this game will
happen again, due to which my breath used to run,
how would I survive without
him A golden guru has come
, he must have put his feet in the poems for her,

Ever since Isaac has pulled the curtain of the window on one side
, his room is on one side, the rest of the world on one side
I have divided myself among all the people I have been
keeping since childhood, your part
burns on one side, to disturb his heart.
Rafta Rafta On one side
, you still hurt your heart,love poems for her,
but the first week of separation from you, on one side
, its eyes snatched my dignity from me
, but I used to do it with the stumbling block of poems for her,

love expression poem,beautiful poems for her

If you want to learn, then tell me that it is
common to give gifts, but there is
only one person who knows this skill, to deceive
even more if you get angry.
This task has been sent in this world to
fill it where there is a fire, the
heart tells me what is the matter of wisdom, what does the
man ask you have anything to do with poems for her,

Now only one is left to enter inside his heart, I have
broken six doors, one door is left,
wealth, wife, children, good homes and good friends
, there is something that remains to be achieved even after these,
sometimes the heart jumps from the moving rail But
again I say mad, now there is little way poems for her,

I think…..Ilove poems for her,
think that the love you are for me today,
the more love you have today, the
more beautiful you look to me today,
that how I forget all my tension by seeing you.
When you smile, I
can see how kissing you stops every moment as
much as I am afraid of losing you today.
As much as you are afraid of not being there today , will there be a future
, when we will be in our 60s, will
I find my face full of wrinkles so beautiful.
Will I keep getting confused in solving your white
people even
when I kiss your forehead
Will you smile at Sarma
like you do today
Will you
waste all your life if I get angry
Like you do today
Will you still be afraid of losing you, I don’t even know how long you are with
in the life of the public, but I know that as long as you are with me, life is there.

breathtaking love poems for her,love poem for wife

Listen, why are you so special,love poems for her,
why my steps want to know your path,
why my dream, my time , I
want to be with you,
what is the matter with you that
you are so famous in me
that I do not care about any paradise
like this saree heaven itself You come together and
tell me just once that
you will always be with me as it has been, here you will stay with me
much as you
say, there are thousands of talks of the day,
but I like to talk to
you, how special you are to me. How much to tell
, just understand that, only you are my sari world is closed,
never know the condition of my heart, you
just stay close to me, you hold my hand
Because without you man, I have not thought of any day, I
just want you to be with me poems for her,

you are enough for me,best love poems for her

when you are with melove poems for her,
then i don’t need anyone else
only want with you for life with you i can bring more happiness
in my life what is the need of my age when i have a partner like you Whenever I live with you,
I forget every pain , I get relief with you, you have always supported me in my good and bad times,
I do not know how you have become so important ,love poems for her,
well whatever happened in my life, you are my I came in life as a stranger but now I want you forever.
It doesn’t matter whether the world is with me or not because you are enough for me

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No matter how much welove poems for her,
, we will never go away from each other,
we will never leave each other alone,
will never leave each other alone, will always be together
, no matter how many difficulties come ,
we will never leave together Sari things will tell each other,
know this thing that without you I am nothing ,
the reason for my living is you,love poems for her,
let us make a promise that they will never leave each other’s side

I don’t know what’s in it when I see her, I don’t
know what happens to me.
It seems as if someone
has poured water into a dry tree, it
seems that this day is new and in an instant
everything has changed Not only for a few days,
a few months, for a few years, I am alive till then,
only by spending some time with him, everything becomes perfect,
the day I blossom, I just don’t know what is in poems for her,

Love is a colorful dream
which one wants to see everyday.
Mohabbat is a flood of happiness, in which
the body wants to be wasted, there is a deep
peace, love is
, there is no name of sorrow in this world,
dry tears are also drunk in this world.
Happiness is everywhere,
not even the name of pain,
but love is a journey in which there is a companion like you.
My love will color you day by day so what am I afraid oflove poems for her,

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Even the days of showing off the world will be cut,love poems for her,
O my love,
you just take me, I am speaking to you with a lot of courage
, you used to say anything in front of you,
but today I am not able to gather courage,
I miss you a lot,
my friend It was a mistake,
whatever happened between us,
it was not right at all,
since you are gone,
life has started to fade
, I do not feel like in anything, I
have so many memories with me, so
many beautiful moments of my life are with you,
I understand I don’t know how to
fix this thing I
just need
you remember the promise we
used to make to
each other we will never leave each other’s side
I don’t need your support once again man
, I need you a lot, I do
not understand how to explain to poems for her,

People say why are you so silent, why are you
so sad, there
are many such things in my life
that anyone has to say
but no one is good enough
who can understand my
words and this means the world, sir,
here to speak the truth It is
not that I have never told the condition of my heart to
whom I did not tell, they left my side and it is a matter of keeping
it is my loved ones who have taught that
if I want to be with them, they
have to remain poems for her,
If I tell the truth, then since when
are they ready to leave together,
so for the sake of the happiness of my loved ones, for the sake of the
relationship, I am silent and I am
happy just with pain in my poems for her,

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