shayari in hindi 2 lines | happy new year hindi shayari-sad shayari

Shayari on love

 Shayari in Hindi 2 lines | happy new year Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari

Shayari on love

 Shayari in Hindi 2 lines happy new year Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari
Shayari in Hindi 2 lines happy new year Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari

♥#The debates ♥were #fruitful,

♥#it was ♥open ..recently. ♥Regrettably, # age was #cut into ♥words♥

This is what we were able to understand in the changing times. The world did not understand us and we did not understand worldliness.

A strange series of nights passed here! Sometimes I have a feeling in my eyes, sometimes I care

Identify not only the face but also the personality in which the mirror is not visibleShayari on love

♥A prickling like a dagger has become

a thorn in the chest, it is not removed in life, no ♥rest comes.

♥Tonight will also pass ♥Heart’s eyes will be thirsty again .. How many moments have passed like this and heart has got separated

Knocked, someone said, I have brought dreams; Be happy you’ve always brought such blessings! My name is ……..

I have come to wish you a Happy New Year!

Whatever year has passed, forget this new year! Let’s pray

I wish you all the dreams of this year with your head!

He is afraid of punishment by committing a crime, is afraid of poison drink medicine. We are not afraid of the enemy’s enemy, we are afraid of friends being angry.

Have to request God, no friendship should be found other than your friendship, friends like you in every birth, or never get a life again.

Hindi Shayari

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines | happy new year Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari

It is said that remember one thing, Pir Fakir, always… Just after seeing the eyes of the mother, there is doom in the world of tears.

♥Do not see the #dream that breaks,

nor hold the# hand #that is left,# do #not let anyone

♥come so #close, #that a# person will be#

#angry #with himself by going away.

Do not let this life turn me, I am the poet of the city, not the tire of MRF!
Humans are going on the shoulders of humans, going to some armaments wrapped in a shroud, who are going to the graveyard in search of infidelity and loyalty in love.

In life, his affection is enough, his hand on the head is enough, far or near… what difference does it make, the mother’s feeling is enough!

sad Shayari

There are drops of tears or there is moisture in the eyes, neither is it high above nor is it down to the ground, what kind of turning it is, it is the need and lack of life.

If you were not there then who would say, Ghazal! Who would call your face Kamal! This is the miracle of love! Otherwise, who would call the stone the Taj Mahal! Shayari on love

Fight with Pappu’s Master, Master beat Pappu’s Pappu’s warm blood .. Gaya graveyard and Master’s photo, write the leg of COMING SOON

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines-logo ka kya hai Shayari

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines-logo ka kya hai Shayari
Shayari in Hindi 2 lines-logo ka kya hai Shayari

No noise would have created noise. Someone must have come from the city towards the forest.
When the face settled down, how was it to hide in the eyes? How is my life a curtain in my heart?

Eyes do not let me rub them with the palms. Armaan does not let my heart go out.
Put the eyes on the waiting furnace. I put the lamp on the whim of the storm.

You do not dig your worries and ask. Haze, with my heart, that there is a fire in it.

An old season also returned a memorable remembrance. This is rarely the case that they should be lonely too.
Somebody should be new ground, new land too. A heart now goes to him, wherever he is.

Saki drank every force on his eyes. Drink of the lepra playing with the waves.Shayari on love

For the sake of you, do not let your memory be postponed. True, we are not the only ones to sustain the heart.

Before this becomes unfaithful. Why a friend, we parted.
If you come now, do not come to leave. Do not come just to show favor.

Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari

Which is stuck in the web of files. In how many years will that light come to the village.

What time is it? What is it that the Muslim who is going through it did not pass, then where was it

The river was crushed by daily spices

Darya fell asleep on the stones of the stone.

(Masafat: Travel)

Let me tell you, my life partner of love Tell me how you became strangers, give me life. Of flowers

Which is not even marginalized in the Veda. What should they do with unfortunate faith?

.Shayari in Hindi.

♥Shayari in Hindi 2 lines | happy new year Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari♥

One moment of sorrow, one moment of happiness. Never stop this river of life.

Both where your love is defeated. He is going through some shab-e-gum.

Missed you all night. The moonlight continued to roar throughout the night.

I can see those waters every day. What is a waste of my eyes?

That Shokh Shokh Nazar is a dark girl Every day that goes through my street, I have heard from a boy

It is better not to take any offense from them. Don’t be offended in your eyes.

It is our experience to be happy in love. It is never difficult, never easy.

I have become a stranger in my house. Seeing me here, my soul is scared.

Rage is right, the heart only comes to hurt. Come and leave me again to come.

♥Whose crazy earth ♥

is in hypnosis, Shayari on love

the sky is also there♥

♥This is also a

puzzle world, it is also fiction.

The passion of love is no more. Blood is not left among the Muslims.

We have cut nights often in Tiri Saddam. Hearts of stars have gone through the heart often.

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines

two lines Shayari in Hindi on life

#Even if left hands,# they would not have left the

#relationship. #Moments are not# broken by the branch of time.

#Due to fear of Dilejar in #his own words, She has come to know you by coming. Shayari on love

♥Many homes come #after swallowing.

#Help also .....#comes #after

#the #burning# of the #city#.

#It was ♥more# . than half #the

#night, ♥#Sara Alam #slept. Somebody used to cry after #taking your name.♥

What did anyone know, we will die on this basis. Somebody got up and went to others.

♥If you can walk

then go to such a trick. I am not lost and you change.

Even if you are not happy with your happiness. That life was not a life of love. Shayari on love
Someone spends a day like this. Just like someone deserves a favor.

Understand this as anyone’s crazy Akbar, this ghazal is mine.
Why is the smoke burning in the eyes not extinguished? When it arises, it does not rain like smoke.

Let the distant world become dark on my own. Let my light shine everywhere.
Prayers come daily to hug each other. Right now, mothers come to the mosque door every day.

Shayari on love
Shayari on love

Even if you are not happy with your happiness.

happy with your happiness

When the pain will stop, when will the night settle down? They used to listen, they used to listen.
What will you get if you love me? My situation will be shattered in the storm.

Not a friend but a companion. The same is the rule of the bloodthirsty.
He who has blisters in his hands is sowing on his feet. Due to that, Raunak has come to your bungalow.

This soft, soft air is shimmering. Your mind is settling with the smell of your thoughts.

When the wound is inflicted, the murderer should be prayed. This is the ritual, then this ritual should be lifted.

♥Dil Gaya Raunak-e-Hayat Gaya All the work is gone.
♥Hey Sabah, from which city do you

return? Every wave of yours smells of gunpowder.

But you created me in that country. The

the country whose captives are enslaved.
If not, then they do not remember for

months. But when you remember, you often remember.

Missing you all night, Moonlight continued to hurt the whole night, the flame kept burning, the flame quenched the sham-e-gum
If we do not owe God to him… If he does not agree to the plea, then he asks for the vow. Shayari in Hindi 2 lines

Missing you all night

2 line romantic Shayari in Hindi

Add-e-khat is the chill that was Bazaar-e-dost, Dood-e-sham-e-kush ta, probably khat-e-rockstar-e-dost.
Looking at the mirror, he was so sorry for not giving heart to his left, Kasid was necked with his hand

Why should I not let the mirror say the spectacle, from where should I bring it to you?

We are ahead of the executioner due to a strange situation, that with his shadow, he is two feet ahead from his feet.
Now, what is your scream, what is your word, what is the life of the demigods?

He could not lift the gears from his aspect, we could not hear him from the story, how could my mind Shayari in Hindi 2 lines

Care has appeared, your voice has been heard, the heart has alienated everything, just a reverse
Who has come to knock my heart, I hear the cry of someone in the wilderness. Shayari on love

Sometimes we are shocked and someone looks towards us, sometimes we also look forward to seeing someone in our eyes.

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines-forward to seeing someone in our eyes♥

Shayari  2 lines

What happened when there was no loss of head, if sorrow was not cut by the head, the body would fall apart from the body.
I have started turning away from you with pain, I am going to handle me

Due to which kind you showed up, Mara was freed, he became a prisoner and killed.

So much in life, because of laughing at someone’s challenge, be relieved not to cry tomorrow.

What is the pressure in my chest, what color have you seen today?
Gum or Ek Tera Gham for all ages, if it is sorrow, how many sorrows will not be there.

There was mud, someone put it on the chalk and turned it, who were those hands that made the will!

I was terrified of the powers of these abodes, I was happy to see the path to the forefathers !! Shayari on love

Everyone looks like your mirror has started hiding where my face is hiding me, even if I sleep

When we came out of the city of pain, I saw this scene, people called us, saw us touching it !!

The mind is unfortunate, the body is an attachment, step by step, don’t live life, don’t know how easy it is, it is very big fun !!

The moon is lonely, the sky is lonely… The pain is found, where the lonely… Extinguished hope, The silent star… The trembling smoke

Golden memories make a picture on the heart, if the time is good, it makes your destiny.

Kavita – let’s live without it

Kavita – let’s live without it

Pk Well
let’s live without him,
The world has given poison to drink.

One day this scene will change, the
the stone heart will also melt.

It is deep, we look at it as a wound,
let’s live without it, Shayari on love
drink the poison given by the world.

The situation changed that too, the
moon melted by the heat of the sun, the
cry neutralized, and tears are seen.

Let’s live without him
and see the world by drinking poison.

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines
My sorrow lost his senses too,
he also cried while explaining,
yet I did not understand his infidelity,
a friend in his love, he lost all

Papa’s angel, I am the smile of the family, I
fly all day in the world without worry,
but after the evening when everyone remembers,
I will find myself happy after reaching home

Shayari in Hindi 2 lines-sad Dard Shayari

That night will be the night of Dard and #Seetam, the night RukhSat will be their #Baraat.
I wake up, thinking, often, that I will have all my Kyan in the arms of a man.

In your waits, this look is bowed,

your women are looking forward to doing it, neither Janu Tera Naam.
Neither your address,

yet you do not know why there is a strange feeling in this popular heart.

Bahari looted the weather But was robbed of us, not Kashti.
You got scared by our own Aad, thousands of people robbed us by swearing on your Shayari on love

We also loved Kiss,

waited with flowers in hand.
The mistake is not theirs The mistake was ours, because they loved us, not us

We could not get much #wanted on him, could not bring anyone else in his thoughts.
We had wiped tears after seeing him,

but we could not even # smile after seeing someone else.

U will go through a turn at some point, will not come back, they will leave somewhere.
Heart says to take it somewhere, will take it every day.

I was proud to say that my lovers have many in this world.
Later it was revealed that all #wanted is for their need.

2 line Shayari in English

You give me your gonzo-gum, your # trouble, give me my swear #grief this surprise.
It is believed that I am not capable in any looks, what is worse if you give me the Death of this heart.

Sad Dard Shayari in Hindi Shayari in Hindi 2 lines
How much pain is there is not

shown in the heart, is serious anecdote is not told.

Shayari on love

Once again, Watch this founder,

because the coupons are not raised again and again.
Just said that love is with you, did not do any making of emotions.

Only ask for love in return for love, no request for relationship.
All the relationships she broke with me, even after leaving left me.

I had given her heart in her hands,

and she broke the glass in understanding.
Even so, Karam is not their they

are asking Gum and they have no Gum.

Let us assume that there is no fault with you,

although your pleas are not in the pleas