shayari on dosti funny 500,-Friendship ..should not be less.

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shayari on dosti funny 500, -Friendship ..should not be less.

dosti funny shayari

shayari on dosti funny 500, -Friendship ..should not be less.
shayari on dosti funny 500,  -Friendship ..should not be less.
dosti funny shayari

⇘shayari on .dosti funny-Friendship should -not be less……..Friendship- should not be less..Life will pass, but friendship

should not diminish.

Remember we should not be near.
This lovely journey continues to the doom.
May this relationship never end.
Rose smiles 

The moon shines alone in the stars.
A lonely person stumbles in trouble.
Do not be afraid of cuts my friend.
Because even in bites, Rose smiles.

🔜⬁Shayari on -dosti funny  -Friendship .should not be less.2

shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less,…

Remember it
Never watch the stars at night.
You remember us as much as you can count.
And the more stars we remember, the
The more we remember you.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
You will be deficient in every moisture.
The eyes will be moist.
No matter how much we live
There will always be a shortage
of friends like you.
Friendship Shayari.
A star is lost in the stars of the sky.
It looks like a star in those stars.
Our friend who is currently reading

Not work-Shayari on -dosti funny,3……..


shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
.Shayari on dosti funny-…Friendship should not be less
A friend’s love is not less than a blessing.
There is no sorrow even when friends are away.
Friendship often falls in love.
But love never diminishes in friendship.
After the rain…
We said it rains a little bit.
When my friend arrives, it’s so cold.
He could not come before the rain.
After his arrival, he could not go
for so many years.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
..Dosti Shayari.4
What a sight to see on a lovely
morning quote.
I said stop first send message
to him who is lovely since this morning.
dosti funny shayari
Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less………
Which is called the pen of the heart
and the ink of love.
Which is called the book of moments
and the cover of memories.
This is the subject which is
called friendship.


Don’t forget.
If someone dreams about you.
If someone can write a name on your breath
So promise us you will not forget.
If you can find a dear friend from us too.


Shayari on dosti funny…55Jai ho jay

shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
May the heart’s voice have so much effect.
It should be known to us as we remember it.
This is our blessing from God
That whom you want to become your partner
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
Life will not remain a friendship.
Stay close or stay away.
Always laugh in your life
Because you will have a smile on my laughter.
Zee Ki Wajiha
Someone says that friendship destroys.
Some say friendship becomes a punishment.
But we ask you.
If friendship is sincere.
So friendship becomes the reason for living.
Dear friend..
Mentioned when the mercy of God.
We found ourselves lucky.
Tamanna was a dear friend.
God himself came as a friend.
The world is the cloud…
What comes out of the heart touches the heart.
This is often a strange thing.
Some people change the meaning of friendship.
But someone’s friendship changes the world.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
My peace 
These days will pass.
Our friends will get separated one day.
You don’t get angry with my prank.
You will miss these moments one day.


dosti funny shayari
Friendship Shayari…
Why do tears spill from your eyes?
Why do loneliest miss gum?
Someone can tell us this after wiping tears.
Why do people who live far away often miss?
There is a smell of flowers in the fresh air.
There should be a tweet of a bird in the first ray.
Whenever you open your wings.
Let those eyes be a glimpse of happiness.
Mosque patjad
Life smiled like your flowers.
The wind of gum could not even
touch you.
Like this, the million income
season of autumn.
Do not let a single flower of
your happiness withers away.
Tasveer Nazar Ati Hai…
When you miss it at night.
Your picture appears in the stars.
Searches those faces.
In whose memory it is morning.

Shayari on dosti funny46Friend’s name


Shayari on dosti funny Friend's name

Shayari on dosti funny…

Friend’s name

Nights are anonymous.
The day is someone’s name.
We live life like this.
That every moment is just
the name of a friend.

dosti funny shayari
Separation writ.
Friendship is a relationship
that plays an angel.
Friendship is true love and
separation is -the practice.
Do not forget to part ways,
this is the victory of friendship.
Will keep smiling..
A friend will be gifted to a friend.
There will be new people, new things
will happen.
We will keep smiling in every situation.
Your friendship will be like this only.
dosti funny shayari
 fulfilling friendship ...
Smell the withered flower, someone
learns from you.
Somebody should learn from persuading
the downtrodden.
Everyone knows to make friends.
Let someone learn from you to
maintain friendship.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
Friendship Shayari…0
Decorate your friendship on
the eyelids.
Will live together as long as
there is life.
We have nothing to give
But you will definitely go to
God to ask for your happiness.

Will you fast

shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less

Your relationship will be done like this.
We will celebrate you every day.
But to agree with persuasion.
Otherwise, with these wet eyes, we will be told.
Moments of Vakht will fly away like birds.
But you will leave a trail of memories.
We will maintain friendship by becoming friends.
But friends like you will get from where.
The name is Wafa…
Friendship is a gust of wind.
Friendship is a name for Wafa.
Whatever it is for Oro.
For me, friendship is a beautiful gift of God.


The smell is also felt.
Love has a special relationship.
It is not possible to say everything to Juban
Therefore, the second name of friendship is trust.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
Give you the rising light
The bloated flower smells to you.
We are not able to give happiness.
Giving you a thousand happiness.
With luck.
Today, the heart sat with its own picture.
What have you got from your fortune?
Settle your picture in the heart.
I have found this cute little
a friend from the crowd of the world.

Will keep smiling..

shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less

dosti funny shayari

You will leave your own lack of heart.
The streak of waiting will be left in the eyes.
We will keep searching for you to remember.
Will leave such a story of friendship.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
.Friendship door.
1 try not to get angry with you,
Do not leave your loved ones in life,
Whatever be the friendship, treat
him like this
That the cord of that friendship
should not be broken for a lifetime.
2 The storm is life, your friendship
is your friendship,
My life is a journey,
my destination is your friendship,
I will get heaven after death
If your life lasts, your
friendship remains
3 Don’t hide if something
is in your heart,
Put some trust in us,
We will fulfill this relationship
of friendship so much,
That even if you forget,
you will not be forgotten.

A friend likes you..

When you shed 1 tear, you realize
How sad is life without friendship,
Age is as long as your moon,
Where is a friend like you?
2 promise we will keep the friendship
Try this, you will not be persecuted,
Calling from the heart if needed,
Even if you are dying, you
will bring us time.
3 We have a habit of creating
a different identity,
Wounds are as much as we have
the habit of smiling,
Loot everything in friendship,
Because we have a habit of
pursuing friendship.
Shayari on dosti funny-..Friendship should not be less3…
Kill alone…
1 have a desire to live with
Otherwise, we also know that
to die is alone.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
2 We are also very friends
in the complexities of life,
But forgetting friends in
complications are not friendship.
The life you are really beautiful
Still, you don’t look good
without “friends”.
Not pricey like you.
1 smile has no value,
Some relationships have no weight,
People meet at every turn,
Not everyone is as precious as you.

dosti funny shayari

Smiling is not only happy,
Life is not about spending ages,
A friend has to remember every day,
Having friendship is not friendship.
Our life is the safety of friends,
Keep my God forever safe for them,
Give them the happiness of the whole world,
Be that praise of every tongue.

.Need friend every second00


shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less.

dosti funny shayari

The song is required in the festival,
Love is needed in every heart,
Life is incomplete without a friend,
Because a friend is needed at every moment.

This is how we treat friendship,
Your life also avoids life,
You may not even be hurt by the flowers,
Pray to God all the time.
What do you ask us about friendship?
We are unaware of these
things right now,
The only request is that
we should not forget,
Because your friendship is our life.
dosti funny shayari
Shayari on dosti funny.-Friendship should not be less50
There are some similar things
written in his fortune,
Someone made a friendship
to pass the time,
So someone spent time on friendship.
Thanks for friendship…dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500

This is how I thank friendship,
Even if you forget, I miss every moment,
God has just taught me,
That I pray for you before myself.
The heart is relaxed, someone remembers us,
Remember not to complain,
The eyes have found such a friend,
Who remembers what is not right

dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
There is no desire to get any more floor,
There was no feeling of dying in
anyone’s memory,
When have you met a friend like you,
No one else needed to be friends.
Real diamonds do not shine,
Good memories do not go away,
Some friends are so special,
That even if they are away,


they do not smell.
Miss some sweet moments,
Tears are left on the eyelids,
If we find someone else tomorrow,
don’t forget us,
Relationships of friendship are
useful throughout life.

Friendship, .not pain …2

Friendship is not a pain, but a
gift of happiness,
Someone’s own life is with you,
This is a beautiful feeling of hearts,
With the help of this, all this
light is illuminated.
A spark is not less than ember,
Simplicity is not less than makeup,
This is the difference between their thinking,
Otherwise, friendship is also not
less than any love.

dosti funny shayari

Ban the world...
Take a lot of restrictions
on the world,
But we will not be able
to control the heart,
That moment will be the
last of our lives,
The day we will forget
you man.
.Shayari ..on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less600
Habits are different
from those in my world,
I keep fewer friends,
but I am excellent.
Once I getaway, just wait
To do so much in my heart
We will come back, even if
we go somewhere,
You just keep this
friendship with us.

dosti funny shayaridosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
Friendship is intended…
Every moment’s friendship
is intended to be with you,
Your sense of belonging
is more than you
Stay together for your age,
Promise will always be
friendship with you
May happiness be so long that
tears settle in my eyes,
Moments are so beautiful
that even the time is over,
We will keep the friendship
with you like this,

Every moment passed
together should become life.
Let the journey of love go on,
The sunsets every evening,
The morning of your friendship
will never change,

Even if every relationship
keeps changing colors.
The lover has bad luck
All the time there is a
time of sorrow,
If you get time, read the
book of relationships,
Friendship is wonderful
with every relationship.
.dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500

..Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship.. should not be less7…

After leaving your world,
We will be seen in a star,
You pray every moment,
And we will break every moment.
Your friendship is enough for you,
This is enough for all ages,

Meet and smile wherever you meet
This is enough for me to live.
A friend will repay the debt
of your friendship,
We will defer to God for you,
O friend, I swear on your friendship
For you, this heart will
also, be separated from the chest.
Sweet smile yours..
Life is not dear to our friends,
Life is our place for friends,
What if we have tears in our eyes
Your smile is sweeter than God
Whenever there is doubt about
our friendship in life,

Tossing a coin in private,
If the head comes, we are friends,
And when the tail comes,
you can turn around,
Who sees in private.
Speaks friendship, love
remains silent,
Laughter makes love
make friends cry,
Mixes friendship separates love,
Still, why do people leave
friendship and love.
3dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
Gave new life…
He has given us new
life to live,
He has prayed for us
to be happy,
O God bless her,
Who has given us a
place in his heart.
In simplicity a style
looked so sweet,
We found you

friendship unique,
Ye na broken sometime
this prayer is from God,
Because this is what
we felt in this world.
Friendship is a relationship,
The one who plays is the angel,
Friendship is true love
The method of separation,
Do not forget even though
This is the victory of

Lakhs of laughter are your names..

Laughter will make millions in your name,
Every happiness will die on you,
The day you tell lack in my friendship,
We will call life the last salute on that day.
Some friends get involved in life like this,
If you forget to remember more,
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
Just like that in the heart,
Close your eyes, you are seen in front.
The smell of flowers is not stolen,
The rays of the sun are not hidden,
No matter how far you are from me, my friend
A friend like you is not forgotten.
dosti funny shayari
There is something ...
There is something in your nature,
my friend
We do not remember you ever again.
After separation from friends,
it was realized, Ghalib,
They were bastards but Raunak
was also from them.
Don’t seek me, friend,

weaknesses in me,
You are also involved
in my weaknesses.
Always find new friends in life,
Somewhere you will get less,
At the same time, thinking of
doing it thoughtfully,
Not possible, we will meet
you everywhere.
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
The smell should not be less friendship…
Hope should be such that it compels
you to live,
The path should be such that it
forces you to walk,
Smelling never be less of your
Friendship should be such that
it compels to meet.


dosti funny shayari
…Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less
If friendship is a crime,
don’t let it happen,
Friendship is inscribed,
so don’t lose
Whenever friendship with
someone ever,
So don’t let that friend cry.
It is very beautiful,
it is with you,
Make it our fate,
What else does he
want in the world,
Whom you have got,
friendship is yours.

Long live – friendship.00

.dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
What is the heart that does
not pray to meet,
God forbid you to forget me,
Stay your friendship as my life
This is another matter, do
not disobey life.
Dosti Ghazal Hai to sing,
To tell the friendship is Nagma,
This is the feeling that
not everyone gets,
Because to have a friend
like you.
If I receive the sovereignty
even one day,
So guys,
Coins of our friendship used
to go on in my state.
A good friend of ours
When someone is on your eyelids,
Someone should write a
name on your breath
Let us forget the promise,
If someone finds a
a good friend from us.
The friend is the moon of life,
The heart is the sky of the earth,
Unlucky are those who
have no friends,

Because the friend is the
life of a beating heart.
When friendship with you…
Loneliness was in the crowd
of the world,
Thought no one in -the destiny,
One day when friendship
came to you like this,
There was something
special in my handline
dosti funny shayari
Will you feel our lack …
You always keep smiling,
this is our desire
Every blessing is sought,
just your happiness,
See the whole world as friends,
Still, you will feel a lack of us.
Your laughter looks so sweet,
We feel happy about you,

Never distance yourself
from us,
We love your friendship
even more than my life.
We are merchants of love,
Make the deal true
But if the buyer is a
friend like you
We also sell for free.

..Friend- someone like you

People say no one gets a
god on the ground,
Maybe they don’t find a
a friend like you,
Lucky ones get shelter in
someone’s heart,
Every person does not get
the address of Paradise.
The friend is not God, friend
Feel when they part,

Living without friends
is a punishment,
And the friend is like you,
then life is fun.
Bring a world of happiness,
Will also come out in the fall
Whenever you would call from
the heart, my friend,
Will come to borrow breath from life.


Shayari on dosti funny,  – . Friendship should not be less9

Life is yours…
May every evening make you beautiful,
May your love and friendship be in my name,
If you get this life again friend,
Every time I sacrifice my life on you.
What answer should I give to your payment?
dosti funny shayari shayari on dosti funny 500
What gift should I give my friend,
If there was a nice flower, I would
have asked the gardener,
What rose should I give myself?
Tamanna befriended Pyare…
There was mention when the

the mercy of God,
We found ourselves happy,

Tamanna was a dear friend,
God himself came as a friend.
The smell is not less than friendship
This world is not shrouded in love,
If there are true friends in life,
So this life is not less than any paradise.
I’m happy when you laugh,
You cry, my eyes cry,
When you go away, I feel restless,
Look at the feeling, friendship
It is like this.


dosti funny shayari
Afraid to be angry…
Afraid of committing a crime,
Are afraid of poison drink medicine,
We are not afraid of the enemy’s land,
We are afraid of friends being angry.
Emotion will not be allowed to fail,
Never allow evening in the world of the heart
We will take every charge of friendship on our heads,

But friend, we will never let you be discredited.
Friendship is the name of stranger relationships
Friendship is the medicine of every sorrow,
If a friend falls apart, the heart cries,
But if friendship breaks, life cries.

Got your friendship…

What more would you like than relationships,
What will be greater worship than friendship,
Someone you can find a friend like you,
What will he complain about in life?
Don’t see how much a person is a criminal,
See how loyal he is with you,
Do not think about what weaknesses it has,
Look at how hearty that person is.
Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less.
If God had not created this relationship,
A friend would not have been introduced to me,
Life becomes lifeless,
I had a friend like you not been found.
The duty of friendship is us..

This is the duty of friendship,
Lives on friend’s name,
You should not even get the wound of the flower,
They only pray to Allah daily.
Friendship is just a coincidence,
This is a meeting of two hearts,

Friendship does not see that it is the day, it is night,
There is only honesty and emotion in this.
Your blessings gave us that support,
What could not be found was the edge,
In which words should we say,
I got so much love in a crowd, friend.
Precious pearl is friendship…

Friendship is a feeling that is not found
Friendship is a mountain that does not bow down
What is its value? Ask us,
This is that precious pearl that does not sell.
True friendship lives

It is left with eyes,
What if you get pain in friendship
Friendship is identified only in pain.
The smell is not less than friendship
Love does not end life,

If there are friends in life,
So life is not less than paradise.


Friend our millions…

You are far away from me and near
I also feel your lack,
Friends, we have millions in this world,
But you are cute and special too.
Once separated from us, see
I swear to you our friendship,
you will forget to live without us.
Friendship does not happen, to be forgotten,
Friends do not meet, to be scattered,
You will be happy with friendship
Will not get time to shed tears.
Bindas Muskurao Yaar…

Have a smile, what a sorrow,
Who has less Tenson in life,
There are many to remember you,
We are the only ones to tease.
Dude so that it settles down in a heartbeat
Even if I breathe my fragrance comes,
Let the love of his eyes be like this,
Whatever the name may be, his name should come.
Teri Dosti Se Pyar Mila…

I got to wait for some time,
But I found friend growing up from God,
I do not want any paradise,
I got that love from your friendship.
There is a separation of true love,
Sometimes there is infidelity in love,
Look at us with folded hands,
There was so much truth in friendship.
Aisa Sath Hain Hum…

What no one can understand is that,
Those who brought the new dawn of
dhal are the nights,
People leave like this on the way,
We are the ones who are never left behind.
Friend meet…
Have to request God,
No friendship should be found for
your friendship
Friends like you in every birth,
Or never get a life again.
Your friendship is our tool,
We are proud of a friend like you,
Now whatever happens in life,
Friendship will remain the same
as it is today.

Dosti Not for Sale Hai.

To meet is a game of luck,
Sometimes hate is sometimes a
combination of hearts,
Everything is sold in this era,
The only friendship here is
the note for sale.
If given, they burn even in the storm
Roses only feed in thorns,
It is very lucky that evening,
In which friends like you meet.
English quotes for Shayari…
A friend is a thief who
The trouble with eyes and tears
Pain from the heart’s desperate life
And if you just walk,
Steal them from death to death.
One who writes fortune
Do me a favor, my friend
One more in luck
Write a smile
Never get pain from them, you want
So, write my life to his fate.


Shayari on dosti funny,   … -Friendship should not be less11

We were separated from you
To make you feel
But you are without me
Learned to live
How will it be known after years
Who among all of us would have said,
If you have to meet then you will meet in dreams,
Like dried roses are found in books.
Latest Short And Large Shayari …

Someone is proud of the wealth
Surur is of fame but we are proud.
Because of my luck my luck
I am a friend like you.
A friend as far as possible
You are equally close to my heart.
You too with a smile
Do not see a water boo
You are a special friend of life.
Truth in friend and friendship
Good can never be less, heart
Lover break we are true friends only
Add heart.
I said and you heard
Good friendship, you said and
I heard those good friends with him
But I should not say anything, and…
If you understand, Bo is a true friendship.
The day comes
He has a few moments without you
Do not get it is our style These moments
If you look at the summit,
you miss a friend like you.

dosti funny shayari

…Shayari on dosti funny     -Friendship should not be less12……
What will be greater than relationships
What will be the great worship of friendship,
Whomever you find, like you
What will be a complaint with life?


Friendship Shdosti funny shayariayari …

Have to request God,
No friendship should be found other
then your friendship,
Friends like you in every birth,
Or never get a life again.
You are the most different,
Never be a compliment, you are so lovely,
Today it came to know that why
the world burns with us,
Why are your friends, after all?
Friend remembers a friend’s gesture
Every friend remembers his friend,
Spend a few moments with a real friend,
He remembers the tragedy till death.
Friendship brings color if good
Everyone loves if friendship is deep
Friendship breaks down
But if friendship is like yourself
So history makes.

Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship… should not be less13
Maybe get that lucky again
Get those beautiful moments of life
Come sit again on the last bench of that class
Perhaps those old friends can be found again.
Saw the pulse mine,
He said that by laughing,
Go collect with your old friends,
He is the medicine for your every merge.
What is the heart that does
not pray to meet,
God forbid you to forget it,
Stay your friendship as my life,
This is another matter,
life should not be faithful.
Who knows how far to go,
Who knows which destination to get,
Live two moments of friendship,
Who knows when to get separated every day.

dosti funny shayari

Shayari for friendship…
This friendship relationship also
What a strange thing …….
Heart in spite of being distant
How close is it …… .. !!!
We don’t see color, race
And why does it stand
More often than not

Dard bhari friendship Shayari
How much is this friendship relationship
Strange happens …….
Despite the distance, how many hearts
Closer …… .. !!!
We don’t see color, race and
Why do all these
More often than not

dosti funny shayari

.Shayari on Dosti…….

How much is this friendship relationship
Strange happens …….
Despite the distance, how many hearts
Closer …… .. !!!
We don’t see color, race and
Why do all these
More often than not
We do not promise that friendship
will be fulfilled,
The effort will be that you will
not be persecuted,
Calling from the heart if needed
Wherever you are, you will come.
Friend remembers a friend’s gesture
Every friend remembers his friend,
Spend a few moments with a real friend,
He remembers the tragedy till death.

Saw the pulse mine,
He said that by laughing,
Get together with old friends.
The medicine of -your every merge is the same.
No friend is old,
Some days no talking
Don’t have to beg,
Distance keeps coming in friendship but
Distance doesn’t mean forget
Often friends,
Keep on praising your friend
So that it does not separate from them.
This is why we keep quiet,
So that no one is bothered about them.
Who says that
Friendship is equal
Everyone is equal in friendship

.Have to request God,


No friendship should be found except for your friendship.
Friends like you in every birth,
Or never get a life again
There is a lot of grief in my little heart,
There are many wounds found in life,
When does this world kill us,
Blessings of meek friends

 new, Shayari on dosti funny-Friendship should not be less14…500

Come on, some old friends.
The doors knock,
See their wings are tired,
Or still, flutter,
Laughs blissfully,
Or close lips and smile,
They tell the whole story,
Or just tell successes,
Seeing our face,
Smile familiarly,
Or looking at the clock,
Tells us the time to go,
Come on, some old friends
Knock the doors!

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