sad status, you have to do everything Sad Long Shayari

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6sad shayari-Sad Long Shayari

Sad Long Shayari

6sad shayari, you have to do -everything. Sad Long Shayari

sad status
sad status

sad statusDard ke hamsas hai hain kanton pe chalne k baad,
If I do not know how to do this,
Do you want to talk to me, tell me
You must cancel your search again.

I’m sorry, I do not know any Marham
I do not have any books
I have had a lot of money in this case.
Har kisi ne rulaaya iss khatar, no hansane vala nahahi

I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
Dard-e-Dil Kiha is also malignant,
Zindagi Bhar muskurane ki dua na na Dena

I love how much I am sorry

How do you know if you want to die?
How are you doing this when I tell you
I have not seen anything like this,
What are you going to do here .. !!

sad status

To do everything in my life,
Dil to Kho Diya jindi ko jee ka hai
I would like to know if I do not even want to knowI do not want to chat with anyone.

Whenever you chew,
I’m going to have a drink at a time
You are not allowed to do so,
I’m sorry to say that I am here

Badi mushkil se bani hun toot jane ke baad,
Main Aaj to hi hu muskurane ke baad

sad status, you have to do everything Sad Long Shayari

sad status
sad status

Tujh se Mohabbat thi Mujhe betcha,
But what are you doing here?

sad status

I am sure you do not know what
I have not seen anyone yet.

I am sorry to say that
I am sorry to say that,
If you have any questions, please answer
I do not know what they are saying,
I want to know … !!

Kitna and Dard Dega basa bata de,
Aisa Kar Maalik ab meri hasti Mita de,
I have a lot of love for him,
How do I know if you have any questions?

sad status

My journey of love is last,
This paper, the pen is the last of the ghazals
I will not see you somewhere to find
This effect of your pain is last … !!

sad status

I want to tell you what to do.
Haan is my friend as I do

I want to use my phone number
I do not know how many people are there.

Usko could not say anything because he could not ..
I want to send a message from the US

 Sad Shayari Status in Hindi,♥

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