sad shayari, very s Best_Dard_Bhari Shayari,ad shayari

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sad shayari, very s Best_Dard_Bhari Shayari,ad shayari

We just lost in the world of dreams,
Even though he was conscious, he kept getting drunk,
What was the magic in that stranger’s face,
Do not know why we became his.

ham to khvaabo kee Duniya mein bas quote Gaye,
hosh to tha Phir bhee mada hosh hote Gaye,
us ajanabee charge mein kya jadoo that,
na jaane kyon ham usake hotel Gaye.

sad shayari, Best _Dard_Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari

Hurry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
If you want to learn more. about how to.translate it, please do not hesitate us if you have any questions.


I have. never heard. anything like that, I do not know what to do in the Door jane, but I do not know how to do

it, but I have a lot to say about it.

I do not know how to express my feelings or I do not.know what I am.talking about, but I do. not know.

what I am saying … I am here to tell you about Shayari and Hindi 2019 collection.
sad shayari, Best Dard Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari1

sad shayari, Best Dard Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari
very s Best_Dard_Bhari Shayari,ad


I have. forgotten you,
But I’m.still broken from.inside,
My heart is happy after you go,
But still busy. with heart.

Your memory. will be a.little sad,
Life will be disappointed once again,
Never thought it would happen,
I will call myself for your.happiness.

It hurts me too much,
When the ones suddenly disappear,
Can not say anything, can not say anything,
Every time. this heart remains alone.

Never let you say what. you used to say,
Taking a tearful eye will never let you sleep
After all, our eyes became tears,
Never.say you would never lose. what you.used to say.


He did not.find it but he did not.even have to lose it,
There is no crying without tears,
Somehow turned the attitude of love in such a way,
Now think. that he has never him.

sad shayari, Best Dard Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari3
sad shayari, Best Dard Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari3

I tried to get you a lot,But maybe I.missed my try,
They used to.say that you will never hurt,
His name remained my eyes.

 very s Best_Dard_Bhari Shayari,ad shayari-sad shayari,

When you said that our dreams. will come true,Then he was more than you,
But now. the faith has become shattered
Maybe you left incomplete your promise

You also had. your wish,
There was also a song of joy with you,
But you betrayed me like this,
Then it.was also to explain the.broken heart.

Love was also.with you,
There was also a mischief to you,
But maybe you could not understand me,

Love was. but I did not say. Sharafat was my

Seeing you, the.heart was nervous,
Sometimes he was going to see you,
But she is loved, she is ashamed,
When I was.crying in your memory, I spent the night crying.

Sleeping nights have blown me,
If you go then your dream comes,
You want to get it but fear,
Do not take. cheating again this heart says

 Best_Dard_Bhari Shayari,

You do not sleep in the pain of your love overnight,
This Naina weeps every moment in. your memory,
I can not even blindfold my eyes,
Even after closing, these Naina lose your dreams.
sad shayari, Best Dard Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari3


sad shayari, Best Dard Bhari Shayari, very sad shayari4
very s Best_Dard_Bhari

Could not feeling of love,
The flower of love could not feed me,
But you also betrayed my love,
But still you.can not forget me

People say that there is. only pain in hate,
Ever see, love also stops, also the comfort. of false love, in life,
And sometimes the feeling of love also stops.

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