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Romantic love

yadi aap apanee patnee ya premika kee saraahana karana chaahate hain, to use apanee bhaavanaon ka vichaarasheel anusmaarak dena shuroo karane ke lie ek shaanadaar jagah hai. lekin mahaan romaantik baaten sirph ek kadee kee ek string se adhik hain – ve aapake sneh kee ek eemaanadaar abhivyakti hain! chaahe aap kisee vishesh avasar ka jashn mana rahe hon ya bas use yaad dila rahe hon ki vah vishesh hai, usake lie ye romaantik prem sandesh usake chehare par muskaan laane ke lie nishchit hain!

Romantic love poetry, sexy Shayari new in English

Romantic love poetry,sexy shayari new in english

Romantic love poetry, sexy Shayari new in English

When my friend, why- should. I go through the limit,.
….Make me yours. own, or I become her…
Let me touch —-you. with the lips, breathe .in the breath,
If you say. that   once and for me, I myself absorbed

On my face, on my cheeks,
KU Rose roams the sea
Jai kisi Khushi ki Tahan Guz aro mere Dil ki Lali alley
Full day

“What is the benefit of drinking jam on jam,
P. in the evening will fall in the morning,
Oh, two drop yellow of my love,
Life will go through all the time “

I have a lot to say about it
Mahakali Huai also me muje guitar jane de
Tanha is the nation of the people
I’m sorry to see you
I want to tell you how much you want

Keep your lips on lips
I love you I love you

Breathe in the breath
Let the arms get in the arms.

Two jisms me, life is one
The intention is not good for me today.

Looking fireI am burning in love.

Keep your lips on the lips
I love you I love you

Let loose in one
Let me have yours.

Looking fire, tan and in mind
I am smiling, in the rainy season ..

Let’s not get completely distraught
Strength today makes you feel

Today is Valentine’s Day, so the night should be colorful

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