good night , love shayari new11#-gif good night love


good night, love Shayari new11#-gif good night love

God created day and night.  to cherish dreams and day to fulfill them
. We all are busy with our work.
But life is not so busy that two things could not happen with your loved ones at night time. Those who are close to the heart make them say goodnight. In such a situation,
if the word is immersed in honey, then it is something else. Read some of the best good night


love in hindi

ke lie aur din un‍hen poora karane ke lie.

ham sabhee apane-apane kaam mein v‍yas‍ta rahate

 hain. lekin jindagee itanee bhee v‍yas‍ta nahin ki

apanon ke saath raat ke pahar mein do baaten na ho

sake. jo dil ke kareeb hai un‍hen shubharaatri

yaanee gudanait kahana to banata hai. aise mein

yadi shab‍da shahad mein duboe hue ho to baat

 kuchh aur hee hotee hai. aage padh‍ie kuchh

behatareen gud nait mesejej-

khuda ne din aur raat banae. raat sapane sanjone


good night, love Shayari new11#-gif good night love

The name of our day’s movement is yours

gif good night love
Ever think you’re going to send you a rose
Going afterward, the two hearts do not let your baka
I love my heart

 If not, then what happened to Hindi priceless friendship

The promise to play has made us know the wire openSuraj caught hold of the morning to remember God

 Take off and shut off with a lovely little boy
The announcement said that without remembering or someone else

Do not relish and do not want to get used to your
It did not go away again
goodnight love gifnewAll of them have been heard along with Row and all night, and you

Not sure yet, so let me tell you the knight
Do not walk with your life once the life of the temple

You are happy with the relationship with the winter or
Even with God, when the eyes are happy with you, then the goodnight