funny jokes- funny jokes in english, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

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funny jokes- funny jokes in English, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

♥funny jokes-  in English, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

💘In service,
      Mr. Badal Bhagwan Ji Subject: – Application for cold reduction,
Regards request that cold is getting more
Because of which dear beloved girls are wearing a scarf on the face to avoid cold
The boys are not able to see their face.
Because of which Ladko is being cut in restlessness due to being covered in face, it is also difficult to identify who is his own,
There is also a fear of eating slippers when pointing at
So you are requested to cut a little in the cold,

Bachelor boy

Dear Monsoon,
Come back to wherever you are
No one will tell you anything
🌑 Rush, Mung, ibabara, Amungfli, 🎋 Jwar, very much
It’s bad / it’s all upset without you.
Cooked 👨👦Akaka and 👷🏽rankot
Tau, you are missing a lot ……


Your Drought * (Madhya Pradesh)
Life teaches us a new lesson, but not to explain to us but to change our thinking.

A boy in college loves a girl ….
She writes her love letter ….

jokes in english, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

“If you love me, then tomorrow you will wear a red dress.”
He keeps that love letter in a book and gives it to him.

On the second day she comes wearing a * yellow * color dress and returns her book back ….
Seeing this, the mind of that boy becomes sour …

She starts to feel depressed…
In time, that girl gets married ….
After a few years ……

The girl’s “back” book, which was refunded, falls below her hand while cleaning the garbage at home …
And ..

From that one Chitra falls out …
That note was written in …
“I like you too
Meet me with my family …
If the house is not accepted, then I will marry you only …. And yes … * I am a poor girl … *
I do not have a * red * color dress …
SORRY … !!! 🙏

After reading this, the boy took his head.
* Improved *: At least in the year * “Once” * Open the coursebook and watch it …..
Otherwise ..

* “What does he do nowadays and where is … ??” * It

seems to be like saying.

* Note * – You do not sit now to filter all your old books ………….

Your time has elapsed …
Now take care of children’s education

The girl was watching the PK movie with the house at home.
Sudden quote: Anything that shows the film, the car shakes so little ….


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