love Shayari couple imagesतुझे भूलकर भी न भूल पाएंगे shayari on love 

dosti love shayari in hindi: one side love shayari…….

Dosti love Shayari in Hindi: one side loves Shayari……. love Shayari couple images नज़ाकत है आंखों में या सीरत है ये तुम्हारी,मुस्कराके क़त्ल करते हो या बस आदत है ये तुम्हारी। It is a matter of beauty or eyes are yours, do you kill smiling or it is just your habit. तासीर किसी भी दर्द की मीठी नहीं होती,वजह यही है कि आँसू भी नमकीन होते हैं। Taseer is not sweet for any pain, that is why tears are also salty. हुए बदनाम मगर फिर भी न सुधर पाए हम,फिर…

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love Shayari shayari on love 

love shayari hindi me-अपने प्यार का इंतजार कर रहे-आशिकी

love Shayari Hindi me-अपने प्यार का इंतजार कर रहे-आशिकी love Shayari romantic in Hindi तुम्हारी प्यारी सी नज़र अगर इधर नहीं होती, नशे में चूर फ़िज़ा इस कदर नहीं होती, तुम्हारे आने तलक हम को होश रहता है, फिर उसके बाद हमें कुछ ख़बर नहीं होती। If your lovely eyes are not here, Drunk fizzes are not like this, We are conscious of your arrival, Then after that, we do not have any news. love shayari romantic in hindi एक शाम आती है तुम्हारी याद लेकर, एक शाम जाती है…

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 Shayari in Hindi 2 lines shayari on love 

shayari in hindi 2 lines | happy new year hindi shayari-sad shayari

 Shayari in Hindi 2 lines | happy new year Hindi Shayari-sad Shayari Shayari on love ♥#The debates ♥were #fruitful, ♥#it was ♥open ..recently. ♥Regrettably, # age was #cut into ♥words♥ This is what we were able to understand in the changing times. The world did not understand us and we did not understand worldliness. A strange series of nights passed here! Sometimes I have a feeling in my eyes, sometimes I care Identify not only the face but also the personality in which the mirror is not visibleShayari on love ♥A prickling…

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