attitude shayari with image 370 Good and tremendous

attitude Shayari with image 370 Good and tremendous Attitude Status
attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

royal attitude status If you remain in attitude, the world will remain in its place. Otherwise# this  .worldwill not let you live. Today we have brought this Attitude Status on the huge demand of visitors, with the help of which you will be able to attract your friends, relatives and enemies against you. Ladies and gentlemen, sinners and sinners, friends and their beautiful friends, brothers and our sisters, here is presenting the best and tremendous

attitude Shayari with image 370, Good and tremendous Attitude Status…

attitude Shayari with image 370, Good and tremendous Attitude Status
attitude Shayari with image 370,

The sentences are – #so many are countless # lives_, #no one .understands #whether to write a #book or write an #account.

In the -foot of a lion अगर if # thorn_chuckles, 😒 then his 😌this does not meanअब now that the dogs 🐕 raj will do.

We are single people, sir, we go to Bhandare, not on Date…
To meet with big people ☝ Always keep the distance , where # The_dria 🌊 Found from the sea िया The river No_
370 attitude shayari with image


attitude shayari with image 370, royal attitude status in English

You will keep on burning like fire, and we will blossom like a rose.attitude shayari with image

Cigarettes are borrowed from 🚭 and beautiful girls प्यार love 💁, whatever you stop, it gets done .. !!

# Strong_reach and क # strong_chay, ☕ slowly_ ☝ # are being formed.

with image 370- attitude shayari

I dare to say right to right and wrong to wrong… that’s why nowadays I keep the relationship short.

Everyone speaks, tell me, bro, how is it?

#Keep the tongue# bitter but clear. Who, where, when changed, I keep an account of #everyone.

It is also not fun to listen to music for# hours on end in the mobile…# who used to #sing songs while playing tabla #on the bench of the class… 😎😝😎😝😎

attitude shayari images.

I have my own dream, sir pe taaz, a Mumtaz, and a secret in this world… # Only Omar is _ # small, _ # the feeling is 🔥_ # the world _ _ # in fistattitude shayari  370- Good and tremendous Attitude Status.

Our life is a little different, we

##Not on mind, but live on# your stubbornness…
Exactly where the enemy is now from our flight, they were someone else who was defeated by the storm.

Look is about Attitude, there is no pride in our heart.

Attitude Statu

sattitude shayari with image

The breath of an injured lion is more dangerous than its roar.
Nowadays, those people also say that our name is enough… even those who do not know 2 people in the street.

We do not even take 15% Battery 🔋 Warning सी serially, it is a far off point…

attitude shayari

I know where they are flying, they are the birds that have come out of my hand .. !! #Goodness is incense ☀ # in my city, 🌇 Then ☝ also # some_ people 👫 incense नही not # is burning with me !!
By the way, the enmity # so # we do not # even # than the dog # #, # but come # in the middle # so # do not leave #her # # # not #

Any number of people can try to be like us, but they
It should be known that lions are not created, they are born.
You will get it done at the right time अ Realize the limits, some ponds have considered themselves सम ocean.

No matter what the world says to me. I am good, my mother says.

.facebook photo upload shayari..

Don’t show me more stride ahead, the way 2 You have been walking, I have blown the dust on it ..attitude HindiNoise_gussle making such #name #none, ☝🏻 1 #work like this…do_ #-silence, still # splash in …newspapers # go.attitude shayari with image

#Our अफवाह #Rumor_K_Dhumans 🌪 3 👑 where #fires_people from # our_name goes!

attitude Shayari image for boy.1 mood we have something like seawater .. saline There are 4, but true 4 .. !!
2 lovers are my thousand, these two enemies I do not matter .. !!
3 if someone is silent it doesn’t mean He does not know how to speak, he may slap. Believe in killing !! 😏

Hindi shayari facebook photo.

1 Some people are like slippers, they give along But keep blowing mud from behind 😎 😏 😎 !!

2 love, favour, hate, enmity, do whatever you want with me, I swear you will be doubled 😎 😎

3 will die 🥊 count 10 # _ one, ☝️ not sure #If you come, then #finger look !!

best Shayari.

1 Just remember the flaws, especially with me anyway People remain unknown.

2 clowns of 2 cards and # of your loved ones, 😕 often give # betting twists !!

3 If there are special discussions, then stories also happen, Fingers also arise on those who are famous !!

best shayari Hindi. with image 370 attitude shayari
If you are 1 age 🙄_ little, then what happened, every # one of ❓ life Manzar saw it Has a hidden # dagger next to it
In 2 suns, the pieces of the glass also shine, But Hire’s identity is so dark.
attitude shayari with image 370, Good and -tremendous Attitude Status…

hindi best Shayari.

1 whose feelings are different from the world, Discussions in women are amazing.

2 single ☝ London also have their own 4 😎 aptitude, mother- Do not listen to anyone’s father accept the Father…attitude shayari with image

3 He who is in my fate will come on his own, He who does not will bring his fear 😏 😏

1 stop taking advantage of our dignity, The day we became a crook… apocalypse will come.

2 Where the # truth is not there, the # lie is correct. Where the # right does not go, their # plunder is right !!

3 Thank you for telling me my location, Will tell you your time.

attitude shayari with image

1 Do not confuse us, we could not understand ourselves, What would you think us

2 son 🎲 # Game खेला Very well # played you, But #Banda 🙄Galat selected !!

3 #deserts also become# green, when # their _With 😍 his # brother 👬 # stand up… !!

Pour 4 strength into your words, not into a voice Because crop is caused by rain, not by flood.

attitude-status-Hindi1 “If they fight so hard on themselves, then somebody Not surprising. 2 whom we want may not be common. ”
3 # There was a strange fear in the eyes of that lion, # Who saw the traces of our angels in the forest

attitude-status-Hindi-sher1 You # Teach Your # Friends to Drive # Weapons, Our # friends are already # _bud💣 !!
2 we get angry 💪🏻 # licking the prey of others 🐅 # lion am, who placed # steps in # jungle, so # # parinda हिम्मत # Dare to kil
lattitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

attitude status Hindi-share

1 “Better than testing me, try to understand me.” 2 # live ☝ around but not 😌 together #

3😔 # Some_ people are jealous of me If you look at the mouth, water will go away, because the eyes of the people, I am very I am notorious …

4 There is some cool today in these winds, maybe memories of friends The room is left open…! # World – silence also 😌 # hear###सुन # But ☝ first Dhoom machine 😍 # falls.

1 “Neither I fell nor my expectations fell. But many people fell repeatedly to make me fall.

attitude shayari with image
# Happiness depends on your Attitude #, ☝
# What’s on your #passes # on itWe are spreading love with #Mohmohabbat #Saheb,We have no time for # hatred.2 “Do not see us dream of committing in chains, because we are those # man-eating lions
Are, the person whose # hunt 3 does, the body of which #Roh also dies. Give up the matter of 4 encounters 👶 son, we are the ones whose duplicate 📲Things are also Hindi royal attitude status

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi
attitude status for girls.

1 “We have no power in this age to wipe out. We belong to the world, we do not.

2 “Never mention # of your # weakness, because # people # # cut _#Footing the kite Sharif ☺ so we were from childhood पर but what to doBreaking heart 💔 girls सिखाया taught how to break bones, ारों man 👬 taught.for friends-attitude status

1 have committed many sins in life, but never in android phoneDid not put Apple’s ringtone .. Relationships nowadays# Breaks not by speaking, but by speaking truth.

attitude status for friends…

attitude status one line…I am not silent without silence I am not a victim of anyone. Now I saw myself in the mirror, then I came to know that the world 🌎 I am innocent people still alive today … The raindrops teach us that people whose ‘ Feathers, they are just a few days old The guests are… 😎😎 people 👫 aware, Mary 👦 Habitually, the status quo is excellent at least 7 … # Class was behind me, # husband today #Three_ is ahead of me with children…

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

attitude status Hindi fb.newRusty swords will now have to be sharpened. some people Perhaps he will have to remind himself of forgetting his position. “

The waters burning from me turned black. They became my sisters-in-law who died on me.
As much as you could change, you changed yourself to 4, now whom 👉 Complain that they change their path. .. If enemies become the world Remember this my friend, if your friend is alive then your weapon Is alive .. So our # friends are still from some # magical No, no, hugging, only 4 # gums are pulled… Fearful dogs also create fear,

but panic always prevails.  We are the only one who is ► Girlfriend👸, she 🙇 Which 👫 Lanka has won .. if ☝ from us If you want to meet, then come to deeper water,

valuable treasures. Do not ever get on the edge. Attitude is an addiction, and my father’s drug Factory I am a Varais returning. I feared my death, Even the enemies got up saying that man was good…hindi fb attitude status .new

attitude status Shayari in

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi
… Listen Chori, I am not going to find you so easily, my mother says, son, you are one in a million. attitude status Hindi shayari…Just know my identity so nameless, I don’t know you anonymously.

“That moon is very proud that it has noor, but what to know that every friend of mine is Kohinoor…
Bigger 🔫 So 👈🏻 I went on the same day ✅ On the day होते was born, 🔬Niners🔬 said kissing 😎 And Cute Boy

People ask इतने👩👧👦_ why so much in the # _gum is also happy. I said # _the world will not give me my # _ friends are # _ with you

“What will you do in a similar way, people put DPs on us even in their sleep.The wounded lion’s breath is more dangerous than his roar😨 happen .. don’t talk about bump टक्कर 😒 the day 📆Will face, on that day, you will erase the celebrity … The test will not be able to be such a personality.This is mine, I am for only those who know how much .. My time.I will definitely answer the questions on coming. I know, Zat and Aukat are all.

my attitude shayar370.

1 Those who are telling me the way to live life, whose status 😏 Not even equal to my Attitude ..
Sure to put 📶Wi-Fi near my grave, because my friends are so bastard… That to use 📶Wi-Fi, I will definitely come to you and want to see you. !

! Want to settle in the eyes seeing 💘 ..! Create a different identity We have a habit of wounding, the deeper we are, the more we have the habit of smiling.


 my attitude shayari370,..

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

The name and identity, however small, should be on their own.
If you sit in front, the heart will come, the more you see, the more 😘 Love will come, time होना to be special नहीं not necessary, special people 👫 It is important to have time for

. On the paper 4, #Adalayeethaan hai hum toh # royale 🏰 Leave #Decide_On_The_Spot_ .. #Our_Name 😎 is not even # weak कि that #, two # four_ enemies Go from #voice of # to # malign #.attitude shayari with image

love status in Hindi for girlfriend…
attitude shayari370Some have excuses and some have consequences. #now-a-days # # Walk_with the world, so # # you have to change 4 faces The skill of 😌 must definitely be #Ana_Ana_.
Found 😊 Thi 👤 # being a stranger 😘, 👩 # today 😌 You are the #requirement of life.

shayari370 -attitudeWe are one of the #Bad_People # Hum_Musibat # is used.
😉😉 Now what good example should I give to my personality, ❤ ❤ ♣ 🔱❤ Don’t know how many people became famous, they used to discredit me .. !!

attitude shayari image370

I’m bad if I’m bad, at least Does not pretend to be Sharafat…
The need of the flock is 4 weak I have to suffer destruction to create 🙋 As a lion is enough…

Apna हैं is just a ☝ principle, Smile 😊 do Dil and Dosti 🤝 play with Jigar.
status Hindi love, EnglishLove is not the one in which # Attitude 😒 and # Ego😏 Ho, # love is _ so that is # in which _Expert in a “cry” So # # to celebrate another दूसरा # Perfect❤️️

sad attitude status in Hindi English

Time is not visible, but it shows a lot!

  # Cheated 💔 Found # When_ in love, # life ✊ Left #demand_that, leave #socha_tha On #is_rah, Kambakhat came second in the # Mohalla.

Hindi status for life-new

Did not #Jaleel do any #fakir #See by your apostle, #she just # Begging_ not taking
. # I like to be friends with_pagos #See, #Because_Musibat does not seem to have any #Sincere.

FB status in English-Hindi.

LiGhTs💡 off if you ever suffer loneliness See, # HकेRrŌr👻 # MoViĒ 🎥 , End loneliness will come every time, someone is standing behind
Both of them were at home The roof showed up and the foundation hid. If their 4 2 minutes to go offline If death comes, then yes my friend. You have advanced on the path of waste.
beautiful love status-new.

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

Where there is a height of effort, 😉 There also has to bow down to the fates.
. #Mohabbat 👫💞 now # sensible 😒 become #, Seeing # status 💰 # grows # forward 😏 #.

happy life status in Hindi…

_😍_ुतुु☺☺☺हताहताहताहता😍😍😍😍 Because now I expect myself to be# keep_, #_and_ to_.

#Everything can be #raised, but not fallen thinking.
When the enemy is #stoned, then his answer #Give it full, but it should be full on his grave … # Envious #dushman_mere # because, #my_friends me # Friend no # brother # believe
. 👦 some short story 📝 Did not, just turned the pages quickly 📖 You gave me… Stay in your position.
Sikh son .. # Varna who knock in our eyes. They wander in the crematorium.

attitude shayari with image

life status change Hindi,Time tells you what people Where and what did you understand ..! ! By gathering crowds, anyone # Easy to beat, but लेकिन Fun is when you hear your # name in the crowd # Get in a panic

love status in Hindi for girlfriend -shayari..

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

want to see ☝ then look with love, madly…. In such anger, your householders also see 766.
vest status.

Swimming Love_making_hay_to_💐 Maa Baap What is this like?
! Looks like #my sleep_ka😎 with someone #, It is moving. Fucking # # sari_sari🌌 Night disappears …

status in Hindi-happy life.

Try your own people, see if the enemies If you do not love, say…
! When there is fun in enmity then…. Brother-in-law starts apologizing…😁
😏 Mother taught रखना to put chicos in the right place And #Bap taught that #Plus keep people in their # _ukaat!

! Now you only think about your mother, father. How much will you take care of, do you not think that this responsibility now? I must take .. ..? # Always from the world? #Move ahead? else, , #behind? So – enemies?

attitude shayari with image 370 Good and tremendous Attitude Status…

love status in Hindi for girlfriend

In whose eyes we are not good, Can donate your eye ..
#Chori said, Boo na na, but your #style So Jamma I # Desi👌# Lagaye Sai, I speak #Bawli is this #bat ki toh  Attitude😏 sai mhare me…#

attitude shayari with image 370 Good and tremendous Attitude Status…….


!! # People say anything, # We will do what we like #… Because #who is #who and #who_we are…
. #No_Money Looks #No_Phys # #Smile_keep ☺ big #good_allow.
. Love ❤️️ not just speaking Love I love you Happen, each other has to understand 💑 Fealing, relationship 🤝 To play …

love status messages-in Hindi-love.

What are some pages of the book of life torn, The world understood that our era is over…
# Pagli, how much do you say “no” ❌ “no” ❌ #boll, .#But seeing –your eyes – Knowing#. That is, #You are only My and # I will be the same.

love status in Hindi for girlfriend,new..

😁 Don’t know when I will get 👸👈 He who 😍 from us 😍 Will love .. and 😍 will tell me if 👸👈 you talk If not, then I will die…
# Life ☺ only when # is beautiful, 😍 # when जब #Satisfied with #beautiful_making
# My_hearted # Pagli, 👩 # Chand_Julfen ♀♀ so # Sambhali ☝ Goes # no_ to him.

😁 Don’t know when I will get 👸👈 He who 😍 from us 😍 Will love .. and 😍 will tell me if 👸👈 you talk If not, then I will die ..
# Life ☺ only when # is beautiful, 😍 # when जब #Satisfied with #beautiful_making
# My_hearted # Pagli, 👩 # Chand_Julfen ♀♀ so # Sambhali ☝ Goes # no_ to him.

attitude Shayari with image 370 Good and tremendous Attitude Status.3.

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

Only the birds of false pride flutter more… There is no sound in a hawk flight ..!

! Hey # friend 👬👭 # will tell me 👦 someone # Because these people who have # hearts, they are said to meet # stones ..!attitude shayari with image

! # _Heart # _ Bigger 👩 # _Pagli, 😘 😘 👉 👉 # _ talks, then # _ all …
First रिश्ते # relationship_nibhana 👫 # Sikhs, 😌 # Love 💑 so # someone_ also 😌 # will do it.

! # Girls I don’t like चाहे If she wants, she can kill me # with her #happas ..!

my attitude shayari…

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

People do it only when they stop mouthing… While going, he only said so much and told me Oh crazy .. लेना take your life, love them, do good love .. 😘😘🎻 #
Those big days of _clAss are remembered when # _ Teacher used to say, I want to talk, get out of #_clAss

!!!! # _And_ wo_ me_ishara_karti_thi_move_what_!….😍 ever #Dosti If you want to fight for #, # Voice give friends, I swear # not in the field, # Bribing at home, # will beat 🔪🔪 see #Pagli 👩 think Le 👍 understand 😉 Then #Haa 😎Bol😘 Ye # My ❤ heart is, 199 / – Ka # netback🌍 Nahi😏
attitude shayari image,no1.

Our Attitude is like that Revolver, Whom seeing Jaati Hai burst of people .. वही for us # # same_friend 👬 most # special There are ☞ about whom # ghar_waleas speak, with this ⇶ # If shown again, “Teri” will break the # # legs.

attitude Shayari in Hindi facebook-new


Don’t sit like a whim, you seem alien, sweet, If things are not there, then let’s fight.
shayari attitude

attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi

In view of bending, talking #pagli, winning is near you # I will not have clothes, # I will do so much every day

attitude Shayari image,no1.

This is how we are on Brahmachari, where I saw a woman Line Mari, pati to Brahmachari from our otherwise

# Life 😌 whether # one_day दिन or # four_day ☺, it should be # such_jio 😉 like #life_you #No_Milly, #Justice4.

. आओ # Come ☝ so # right, 😌 # veneer_a_dulhan 👰 In #Mere_Ghar, 👦🏡 #Jan ❤ will also # give_, ☝ # in customs_a_mun_dikhai.

. That guy also did # propose💐 in that he could not speak # Naa… He said Let’s go to #Toss .. #Head came if you # mine And #Tell came then I # Teri .. !! 👧 girl # heart 💕 Should be better than 6 .. !! #Apsara is also a #Pencil…attitude shayari with image

image attitude shayari.

Look, there must be love in the heart of the heart .. Even the Royal Enfield does it!
! Asked what we have told him that there is evidence that you still love us… He kissed me and put my lips on my lips and said… You have 4 habits, to hurt my heart and we are also stubborn to make you a bride… Luck is 👫 everyone’s love, but we need Gudluck लिये to get .. .. We bowed down in simplicity, what have you gone?

girls attitude dp, new.

What do you talk about कातukat 👩 Pagli, we 👦 So among them, Sharafat also does a lot of bullying.

Pagli will not work in my city, here we are so famous As much as Obama in America … By making me दा, God must have fallen into thinking that this king 👑 How to make Begum

Good and tremendous Attitude Status-attitude shayari with image 370,

. Listen 👰 Pagli, this Cool Mausam ⛈ If we have a handsome like 👬 If you meet, your life will become awesome …
Both the heart and the mind are insistent, both Brother-in-law is behind only 4 girls …

attitude dp for girlz Whatsapp, new.


Love suddenly falls Doing it thoughtfully is called setting
He belongs to the topper class and I come in loafer, he Suzuki The one with access and, I am called Bullet Raja …

Use asked if we could die in our wish. Said that if we die then who would want you 4.
. Hey Pagli in 100rs of my мσвιℓє Screen guard also does not allow scratches, then you are my life. . Listen #Babu 👩 eyes # to # curtain Halo, your #Rajkumar #’S #Status 📝 has arrived ..!

love status for gf in Hindi,new..

I want a girl Kurkure Like a crooked but mine.

. We can also put 👫 Dp with girlfriend, but their 👱 Needless to say, the joy of hiding in love is something else.

. Whether his own father keeps a broken Platina, but Chori Boyfriend Should Bullet …
Listen Pagli, you notice of rejection No matter how many times I send, I will never resign my love.

. Sun Pagli stops when you walk, But when I walk, the world is bent ..!attitude shayari with image

Give me your rights, even your hatred is acceptable In the bailout, we should not even take your love … Listen Pagli like this alone, my friends don’t call me After asking, brother, where are you, your Wali is here .. I found everything, Now you have yet to get anything, there is nothing missing in my house, just you are yet to come ..!

! He has put my photo on his mobile, Somebody asks who is this, so Pagli says, my papa is frozen.

Friendship shayari




shayari dosti in english-Friendship is the precious jewel

Shayari. Dosti in -English-Friendship is .the precious jewel1Like fragrance in my breath; Make blood flow in my vein; Friendship is the precious jewelof relationships; So -never -say
goodbye to a
Shayari on Dosti in English

Shayari -dosti in English  – Friendship .is the precious -jewel

shayari dosti in english
shayari dosti in english

Shayari dosti in English-Friendship is the precious jewel

“I wish something happened, SMS incoming also -becomes chargeable,My friends shout at me, And I should enjoy loosening their pockets. “
“If you understand the importance

💖 …Beautiful Dosti Shayari ..💖

of a friend, then make friendship, If you understand the imp
ortance of pain, then love If you understand the importance
of the promise, fulfill it, And if you understand our importance
then remember it. “
“The days pass by becoming pleasant memories, Things remain as a story, But friends will always be close to heart, Sometimes smile and sometimes become the water of eyes. “

shayari dosti in english

“Loneliness began to smile, life started smiling, Neither the day’s address nor the night’s address. The fragrance of your friendship started to smell to us, Come closer for a moment, even the beat started to sound .. “
“We don’t get angry with ourselves, Do not force anyone to remember. But once someone makes friends, So don’t take it away from your heart. “

emotional friendship shayari in english…

“See my friendship is true, Please come to me and see me. Gold never changes its color, Watch the fire as often as you want. ”
“There is no night in front of the sun, The stars don’t talk about the heart. The friends we love heartily, Don’t know why they don’t meet him every day. “

Shayari on Dosti in English

We recognize the lack of friends, We also know the heat of the world, Friends like you have support That’s why even today we know to live by laughing. “
“Today we are tomorrow we will have memories, We will talk when we are not there, Sometimes these pages of life will turn, Then maybe your eyes will rain too. “

funny friendship shayari in english1,new….

“Some are proud of wealth, Some are proud of fame, With whom you are friends, They are proud of their fate. “
“By turning the pages of time, Then he loves the heart to live, Sometimes all friends used to smile, Now I am heartbroken to see them together. ” What do you friendship with flowers, flowers wither, If you want to be friends, do it with Kanto, Yuki remembers that too by piercing.


Shayari dosti in English…..
How strange is this friendship relationship ……. Despite being distant, how close the heart is …… .. !!! Do not see why we see color, caste and status It is more strange than all these rituals …… .. !!!!!
ो Dosti 👫 do as much as 😃💝 It is easier to write clay to clay than clay But .. dosti 👫👬 nibhānā is as beautiful as Writing water on water
“O friend, you did not bother to prove me guilty, * * Just tell me what to accept, so that friendship will remain… .. ”*
Best gift for a friend Understanding his feeling ……. I

Ost Dosti Shayari In Hindi …..

Friends My #friend told me “you know” # Sky is so big I have to give him # 7 Said this will be only small. # ɨts__tʀʊɛ✔
“I thought I would not be friends with anyone 🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃 Will not promise anyone 🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃But what to do friend, got so cute 🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃That had to promise friendship 🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃🌹🍃


There is no discount on respect Friends… When you meet you meet When she leaves she completes
Friends… We make a promise to ourselves Failure is a * challenge * Accept it… Missed * See And * improve
4⃣ months agoMy one friend New mobile New BBK was gifted ,,,, Speaking in the evening yesterday, Bibi fb is speaking Is set to someone… .❗❗

.dosti shayari english 2,

#Within #Whenever #step # # Friends, 👫 so that the # the world will not understand this # we have # distance ..!
I will drop every wall Which will come between you ‘4, Because a friend of ours also runs #JCB.

shayari dosti in english

Ost Dosti Shayari In Hindi ❤
# Don’t care if these #jamana_cuffs remain…! It’s just such a blessing, friend # Mehraban Rahe ..
Good evening friends… 🙌💐👏👏
To see the laughter on my face, you also smile, Hey, my friend! Love me, what do you do
Heart wants to return there Where it is not possible to go again, Childhood, innocence, Old house, old friend…. !!
#Haath_thama 🤝 if you have faith, my # friends, 👫 # We will drown गर If you will drown ☝ # No_. 4


Shayari dosti in English
Is it love or friendship keeps the gap between He did not even change the number, I have kept the same number!
Sorry, my friend, your friend I miss you even without your permission ..
You are not my friend, you know my life You are brother, not life is my life
# Teri_yad 😌 so much comes ☝ # a_dost, 👬 But #batan is in love with #dam_jad. 4

💖 .Beautiful. Dosti Shayari. 💖

Shayari on Dosti in English

Do not meet anyone… Remember us When you feel lonely…
Remember us To share happiness, Keep thousands of friends When gum is to be distributed,… Remember us
When the time turns, don’t you… So the lives are not lost, but ..
Friendship of some people Too with love It is increased by ____.

Good morning friends 4

Don’t promise you can’t keep it Do not want who you can not find There are many friends in the world But put a special Without which you can not smile
▅ ▆ ▇ █ █ ▇ ▆ ▅
We asked for blessings from God, Give me friends who are different like this, He gave us to you and said, Feel it is priceless to all of them… ▅ ▆ █Ⓜ️█ ▆ ▅
Someone has said a lot. Fight, fight a lot, but make it so much scope that ever “Don’t be embarrassed if you become friends again?” 4
After your success… you also have those qualities in people Looks like you were never there ..! ~ Experience of a friend 😂 ❤😉

Shayari on Dosti in English

Good friends forever liver Are harmful 😜😲

💦 .Dosti. Shayari… 💦

💝❣❣💝❣❣💝 Not every red color is RED, Not every death is DEAD, How can I say this is true, Not everyone is MAD like you…! Hey, don’t mind… Mad Means, M = my A = good D = friend 💝❣❣💝❣❣💝

If your friend is talking to you on the phone, So this means that he is at home 😂….❗❗
# Open heartedly, live these # moments guy # Zindagi will not repeat its # History again.

🌾🍁Happy night🍁🌾

We are a bit crude in the world But it is true in the matter of friendship… Our truth is just on this point, That our friends are better than us…

“O friend, you did not bother to prove me guilty, * * Just tell me what to accept, so that friendship will remain… .. ”*

Shayari on Dosti in English

No matter how many doors of our friendship you close… We are friends who will come through the cracks too…
# If ☝ your due # will be good, ☺ So # luck is never bad 😒 is my friend. 4
Good Morning Guy’s
Meet, break up, cry, bend over, Friends, something similar happens in love.
The word ‘friendship’ is very cool Friendship is when two meet
✪⇶ this true one 💟 love and love is nothing दोस्तों friends the day you कात No recharges will be allowed • •• She will find 7 others then ➪ you 😒 dardabhari 💔 Shayari रहना Champte rahna .. ||| 🎀👭🎏 |||

💦 Dosti -Shayari. 💦

👉 You go to Pagli देख see your happiness 💑 What is me I am also with my friends Will be happy

💚 friendship Shayari 💚

# We have kept our destiny, my friends and friends, #Because_Nice_To_Many_Bar_Changed_Hey_ #But_our_friend_not_changed !! # Only_Dosti… ✌✌

Everywhere is not glittering, every ocean Do not be deep, just do it a little. Do love. Every beautiful beautiful face would not be

I am #Single, I am not sad about this, Sadly, this is the # of things that my # friend Kalu also has # GF👯….❗❗

shayari dosti in english

Habits are different from those of my world, I keep friends but I am awesome.
Hey friend, what should I write in praise of you _ Is very special in your life
What’s in a name, friends, #Also called me a girl named Asha #Disappointment feels like a hand….❗❗ ☝
Degrees are receipts for training expenses, friends Ilm is the same that is reflected in the character of human beings.
 Seeing no reason, you are called ‘friend’ Don’t even look crazy # Don’t fall in love ✌😉
 Friendship_car_to_ always_muskra_kar, Someone_bringing Tax_lo_yad_when_to_we_live_, Then_Near_Know_Play.We_Heart_In_Read_Bus_Kar

💦… Dosti Shayari …💦

Shayari on Dosti in English

# Friendship 👫 and animosity 👿 both are # funny_, 😍 Just want to #definite. 4
💚 friendship Shayari 💚
There is so much difference in age and life, Those friends who have passed away without age and who have lived with friends, they have lived life !!

🙏 good morning

Have a nice day
💖 Beautiful Dosti Shayari 💖
🌹 # Rose for those friends… Those who do not meet every day… Magar Yadav is every person. 🌹🌹🌹

Shayari on Dosti in English

Let’s make someone friendless Feed him a lot and we pay the bill…
Ost Dosti Shayari In Hindi
Our habits are different .., From the world ..!
Have fewer friends .., But they are amazing ..!
Because of course, our rosary is small. But flowers keep all the roses in it .. 🌷🌷
Eyes that read, consider him as a friend… .. Otherwise… .the face also sees an enemy every day…. !!!!

💨 .Best friendship Shayari 💨

#Okat💵 and ☝🏻 #Dharma does not see #friends 😒 who loves ☝🏻 # heart अच्छा I like him # friendship with him #Be_Heartly 💘👑

# Time to leave the house, # # taking care of parents Let’s walk, be it younger or older brother, let’s go What the need for # dogs🐕 in this ## world🌐, When #sheroes like #friends,

You teach your friends Weaponry… Our friends already have gunpowder… 💪💪

Shayari dosti in English

👌💠👌Need a look at your friendship, This heart is homeless, it needs a house, Just keep going along, dear friend, This friendship should last us for ages.

Shayari on Dosti in English

You are your friends, you are a little bastard. The love of your friends and friends Those humans are the happiest luck in the world.

💚 friendship Shayari 💚

If someone’s #DP started increasing your #BP, So understand that my friend is gone with you…. 4

💦 Dosti Shayari,./ 💦

💖 Beautiful Dosti Shayari 💖
People come on facebook Then they become friends. Then don’t know where you die.

💨 Best friendship Shayari 💨

If you are replying to a girl’s message the same minute, “Yes my friend # Single ho you”

Ost Dosti Shayari In Hindi

If you are single even after having a live sim, my friend, The mistake is of your face….❗❗😂😝
Tomato becomes red like that in talking… Do not tell my friends how to do it…

#Making-Beaching out is all a game of #Kismet, # Never hate 😏 so # sometimes mail! #Bike 😣 jaite #every 🙌🏻 relationship 💑 # in the world #OnlyDosti # Only # here is #Not_For_Sale! ✌😉

Dreams are very young friends Eyes should be erased, so there is something else.Shayari Dosti in English
🤔 # Somewhere 🕳_Andhera will be #where ⛅ Sham_, 😎 # My every happiness The name will be #, # Seeking it at any time, # see from us on the lips There will be ँ_ laughter and 🖐 # palm on 🗡_Jan !!
#Passing, even #who_na_mean me 😌 that ☝ # realization 😒 # that_ love 👩 Ka, # who is a far-off person, even # pass_, such # friendship दोस्ती of my # friend 😎.

.💦 Dosti Shayari…… 💦.

#PUBG did not happen like the first world war broke out, Day and night friends’ hearts in PHONE गोलियों Wakes up….❗❗

Shayari on Dosti in English

💚 friendship Shayari 💚

☝A beware broke my heart… we took the path ………! Do not talk about the heart, friend …… we have given up loving so much….

💖 Beautiful Dosti Shayari 💖

What to do with friends # # friendship 👫 Which leaves ☝ # in a moment, 💃 # Friendship is to be made, if you do # boys, do it with 4. Those who carry on the shoulder even after # die

💨 Best -friendship Shayari,. 💨

# Friendship ___ 💑hmari ____ three✌ # lafzon__ki…. # Do✌ # lazy🙌 * # you * 👈… ^^^ # A ☝ lazy * # I * ☝ ……. ** #special ______ friends _____ all💓💓

Ost Dosti Shayari In Hindi

In # hearts of friends और and # enemies 👺Living in the # skull # is a habit.
People give their lives # in friendship #, # But of your # sweetheart, #Mobile 📲 Number 🔢 # No ❎.
Shayari Dosti in English

# E_dost 😎 for your sake 😊 I will leave the # world till दुनिया # But_ you left with it, then I will break it.

Singel 🤵lka 👉Soya Hua lion 🐯 Friends When he goes to Ajax, the forest is still his All the lionesses also her 😉😉😘😘 😘

#Whenever I am nervous by my #bad_haltato, # Then my ➙ # friend 😆’s # voice is coming # stop ✋ right now I am coming _ #

Enjoy me💋👭👬 💋👈👄 Now they say with fear that they will die If you do not get rest even after death, then where will you go

💦 new Dosti Shayari… 💦

Hearts are not so Make friendship only
💚 friendship Shayari 💚
I want to know about Naino but my heart How can the friends know about it?
💖 Beautiful Dosti Shayari 💖
_ Our TO_ life HI SOME AISI HAI _ JAN,Grameen Mili to _Bange OR _Friend MILE to 🔪  _Danger 🔪

💨 Best -friendship Shayari,……

It is said that every heart talks Never told anyone Told the loved ones too Don’t go but friends have to mirror And from the mirror Nothing is hidden.…

Shayari on Dosti in English

Ost Dosti Shayari In Hindi

Listen a # Gulshan, just sum your # buds…? ✅❣❣❣😘😘😘❤❤✅Today, # hearts in # friend’s paths, we will lay…
🆕 # friends # ʟıғє 😇 of everyone एक one ☝ # friend 👤 in # each_ step 🔄 But there is only one # ʟȗċҡʏ 😍, one of whose # levels of life in all # levels. Hi friends are 4
Love too, keep playing friendship Love you now too, keep on As A Friend…
.shayari Dosti in English

You have a treasure of 4 friends. But दोस्त this friend 😊 your 👏 # old_ is 📅# Never forget this ☝ friend ✌ never give it 😟 because of this friend 😎 you Of friendship 🙌 ka 👉 # deewana_ hai Happy Birthday to Me 😊😊Today My Birthday Guy´s

# Of friends in the anthill of narration Ho ⁉️ or 😉 # enemy 👿 who # zikr 🤫 my 🙋🏻 ♂️‼‼ रे
My crime is just that, sir, I did it on my friend’s girlfriend….❗❗😂

💦 ….Dosti Shayari, 💦

Befriend yourself, You will never be alone !! ❤❤
💚 friendship Shayari 💚

# Listen__Friends 📣👬👉 The 👰 to whom # ċɦ օ ċ օʟ ǟtɛ ֆ 🍫 feeds 😋 Ho # big # love # 4 After marriage 🔜 will eat 🔜 # gourd 🥒 more # Bitter gourd vegetable # # 💞

Say one thing…. 📣📣📣The fires of friendship are nothing for us, Not even love… 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Friendship with a person who does not have #fidelity # Means to do it
 I befriended the time ..! Heard that it transforms good things .. !! – <📍🎋> –
Shayari Dosti in English

#My_Change 😌 Not that great men 👬 became my # friends, 👫 #My_Koshish is that all my friends become great # man. 4

My friend of egg shape, don’t know how Made your gf look like Aaliyah beautiful….❗❗

Friendship should be such that Never leave alone # Viewers # must have # questions in their mind Where is the second lion called 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

What is the use of a kayak if it is not a sea? Fun _ _ for what purpose… is sacrificing for friends, this life… llIf _ _👬 friend _ _ only, then this life What work…

💖 .Beautiful, Dosti Shayari 💖

Sir, befriend the innocent too! Because In times of trouble, No intelligent person supports you !! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Be happy guys

Everyone is going to get married one day !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
# True_friend with friends then, When # leaves # with his own shadow !! 😎

I trust my friends so sure the phone The network of work or not My friends, my friends are in my life. Will get you ahead of you… !!

Shayari on Dosti in English

Pimples on the face due to tension, Crying causes wrinkles on the face, So friends always keep on laughing Because laughing causes dimples on the face… 😊😉😍😘